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This came from a thread here a while back (I've no idea which one). Does anyone recall which thread, or who posted it, or if there are/were more like this photo? I assume it's just an amateur on her way to a costume party with her very-lucky date, and not a pro model, but there might still be more where this came from, right?

Thanks! :)

Added later: I expect this is (of course) a 'one-off' and barring dumb luck/random chance, we're never likely to see more of her. :( As best I can tell, she was dressed up for DragonCon 2004 (though the photo wasn't posted until '06) and purportedly, the photo was taken in Atlanta which makes sense because that's where DC is.

It's a shame really, any woman that adorable and well-endowed would be doing a public service by sharing images of herself online IMO. ;)

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