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General Discussion / Re: Beshine says: "hi everyone"
« Last post by Bombayduk on Today at 04:15:31 AM »
Remember when virtually every picture in a set was a outstanding?
General Discussion / Re: Karla James aka Jamie-Leigh Tiffany MERGED
« Last post by italian28 on Today at 04:07:20 AM »
Happy 30th Birthday to the one and only Karla James!

Please keep making videos like these.  :)

Happy B-Day Karla! Wow she is still so young. Gorgeous model! Glad to always see her fantastic pics. Cheers to many more and that wonderful body!   ;D
General Discussion / Re: Mya Curvz - Buxom with a HUGE Butt
« Last post by Shadowmuse Blown on Today at 04:01:31 AM »
Let's take a closer look at that lower half, shall we?
General Discussion / Re: Beshine says: "hi everyone"
« Last post by Bombayduk on Today at 02:37:06 AM »
If you look back, with the exception of two great videos featuring Luna, all the videos up until late 2015 were modeling/posing, with many walking around.  Then suddenly, we saw Beshine walking around in public, something we had never seen in video before and it added new dimensions as we saw her interact with others and the environment, somewhat illuminating us, to a small extent, to the big boob problems she had so frequently mentioned.  Up until that time, old picture sets, prior to and just after hitting 10k, were essentially the only public setting offerings, in fact, by my count, she had only made four videos before late 2015 in a public venue.  You could say that it may be a bit harder to walk and shoot, but, just not that tough.

But pictures are different.  If you look back to pages 11 & 14 mostly, you see someone taking pictures just like we might do of a loved one exploring a particular setting.  Unlike the most recent picture set where we have 31 pictures, 27 of which are of Beshine sitting and likely could have been easily taken in less than 5 minutes, if we were taking pictures, they would resemble Beshine's early picture sets.  Ask yourself, if you were touring a new place, like Vegas, with your wife, would you take only pictures of her sitting on a roadside bench then put the camera away, or would you be taking occasional pictures along the way in front of the numerous attractions as you encountered them over time, one here, another there?  I'm sure the resulting album would have only the best pictures from numerous locations.  The problem is that we can clearly see the early effort to frame Beshine in many situations that likely took some time to create a set, not just 5 minutes.  And the results were infinitely better; multiple pictures different from each other, most clearly capturing Beshine's beauty, versus today, sitting on a bench.  Back then, it looked like Beshine was having a good time creating memorable pictures, today, sitting on a bench.

One may say that I am unfairly making an example of the last picture set, but don't stop there, look at any of the sets in the past 18 months; you're seen the videos in some cases and know their length, so ask yourself, did that entire picture shoot take 5 minutes?  Maybe 10?  Now look at those early sets when Beshine was having fun posing in different areas and ask yourself how long it took.  And that is why, when we look at many of those early picture sets, there are so many good pictures in a set; they took the time to capture good shots.  Not like today when the only shots not sitting were four done in rapid succession as Beshine walked perhaps 5 feet.

Over and done; another picture set; no care for content, creativity, beauty, or concern over repetition.  Clearly not the desire to take good pictures like the early days. 
General Discussion / Re: Another YouTube sensation - Angie Griffin
« Last post by toefoo on Today at 02:25:31 AM »
If any of her pics get posted here. We should try not to advertise it, or use the Patr--n word too much, so search engines won't find it.
General Discussion / Re: Beautiful Breasts tournament
« Last post by Lynkadonk on Today at 02:04:42 AM »
Even though she looks good on this pic, I'm too young to have known Devon....

Karina on the other hand, was one of those girls in my teen years that taught me to love big tits.. oh, the good times...

Karina it is.

Model ID Requests / Re: massive naturals in orange
« Last post by vf1000ride on Today at 01:57:11 AM »
Your picture is on page 13.

misshollywood88 aka Kimberly M.H. (JoCa)
Model ID Requests / massive naturals in orange
« Last post by Morehouse on Today at 01:18:23 AM »
at least i think they're natural
General Discussion / Re: - Russian YouTube channel
« Last post by Morehouse on Today at 12:29:43 AM »
maria is pretty great.
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