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General Discussion / Re: Karen Danczuk - UK Selfie Queen
« Last post by salem on Today at 06:55:45 AM »
 :) (12)
General Discussion / Re: Beautiful Breasts tournament
« Last post by Hell on Today at 06:45:37 AM »
General Discussion / Re: Beautiful Breasts tournament
« Last post by kevin on Today at 06:19:15 AM »
My own vote went to Wendy but it was a comfortable win for Tessa who goes through 72-28%.

Second semi-final is :-
Abbi Secraa vs Yulia Nova

Tale of the Tape (from Boobpedia)

                          Abbi            vs                  Yulia
Country             Poland                               Russia
Boob Size            54M                                  36G
Height                5ft 4"                                5ft 6"
Weight               160 lb                               121 lb
General Discussion / Re: Beshine says: "hi everyone"
« Last post by andrat2000 on Today at 05:54:46 AM »
This is quite normal in large parts of Europe. Exception are the main shopping streets of the large cities because of the narrow space and high frequency of people. But still some have their stuff outside. And once you go in a side street the goods are also presented outside. At most in huge shops in larger cities they have 1 security person inside the **103**. Edit: Ent-rance is a forbidden word ...- lol.

And especially in Germany it is frowned upon that a clerk always guard you and even worse they permanently try to sell something to you. For most Germans the ideal clerk does:
- says Hello to you
- tells you that if you need help or guidance you can contact him or her
- Otherwise the clerk let you look around alone

Everything else I could say doesn't belong here but in the politics thread.
General Discussion / Re: The SlimUltraBusty Art & Morph Forum
« Last post by Llelwyn on Today at 05:24:01 AM »
My Friend Solvegas...

Your gracious apology is accepted with joy...!  As is your "peace offering" of a lovely lady.  I understand we all have differences in our passions and it is lucky that we have BEArchive to find common ground and friends who enjoy what we are passionate about.  We build threads which are monuments to our desires - our little fiefdoms.  And like the days of old, there are sometimes squabbles between kingdoms because of different ways of worshipping the same thing.  And, don't you think it is fun to visit the other realms, at times?  I welcome you here.

Morph Requests / Re: my requests
« Last post by magic on Today at 04:46:50 AM »
Morph Requests / Re: Milfs looking for bigger breast
« Last post by magic on Today at 04:45:27 AM »
mighty udders
General Discussion / Re: Beshine says: "hi everyone"
« Last post by solvegas on Today at 04:31:27 AM »
One thing I noticed ( besides the two obvious ones on Beshine's torso ) is something I once read in a site called The American Interest. It is mostly about politics, economics, culture and other such things. The article was about what we call High Trust societies and Low Trust societies and why it matters if you wish to have a safe, prosperous and orderly society. As you watch the latest video, Beshine is ambling along without a care in the world and you see much merchandise not inside the stores but outside. I did not see a clerk hovering nearby, no police, security guards or any personnel like that. People were handling the merchandise and the shop keepers trusted people not to damage, steal or anything of the sort. Beshine was looking at the bras in peace and having fun with them but I did not see a clerk nearby. I guess if you want to buy it, you simply take it off the rack, go inside the store and pay for it. Obviously this Danish village is a high trust society which is why it seems so clean, orderly and prosperous. I remember seeing something like this when I was young and visiting my mother's hometown in West Texas where the people didn't lock their doors, cars very often had keys on the ignition, a handshake was like a contract and a man's word was his bond. Living in Mexico City at the time the whole experience just blew my young mind away. It was so outside of my experience where I learned at an early age to look all around you for suspicious activity and people, feeling danger lurking about constantly and never fully feeling safe and then go to a place that was so different that to this day is still quite fresh in my mind even though 52 years have passed since. It can be weird what thoughts and memories can be triggered by images and videos. 
General Discussion / Re: The SlimUltraBusty Art & Morph Forum
« Last post by solvegas on Today at 03:45:09 AM »
Llelwyn, I hope this peace offering is accepted. :)
General Discussion / Re: Hitomi Tanaka aka Tanaka Hitomi MERGED
« Last post by solvegas on Today at 03:28:38 AM »
^ I would love to do my impression of kneading dough like that lucky bastard is doing. ;D And now a game like " Where's Waldo ? " . Where's Hitomi ? ;D
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