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Off-Topic & Testing / Re: Word Association
« Last post by TheZookie007 on Today at 05:03:33 AM »
Daryl Hall and John Oates

-- TheZookie "which is the way they liked to be referred to, not as 'Hall & Oates'" 007
General Discussion / Re: Leanne Crow MERGED
« Last post by Spinster on Today at 04:46:57 AM »
It's getting rounder and bigger.  :)
General Discussion / Re: Leanne Crow MERGED
« Last post by Martin on Today at 04:39:48 AM »
Leanne's ass is under appreciated I think :) Just look at it its a big as her boobs!
General Discussion / Re: Mal Malloy: Big boobs, Bigger...
« Last post by Feral on Today at 04:00:17 AM »
Her body is stupendous and her ass is mind blowing and the amount her boobs have grown is awe inspiring...but come on 34N? Even in American style way. A UK 34GG perhaps.
General Discussion / Re: The Chelsea Charms 2001-? thread MERGED
« Last post by David Jones on Today at 03:30:10 AM »
So big:
It's entirely possible that she's pulling our leg about the pills.... We've all talked about fenugreek and various birth control / hormone therapy pills, but there's no real scientific evidence supporting their consistent, reliable ability to increase breast size.....
General Discussion / Re: Hitomi Tanaka aka Tanaka Hitomi MERGED
« Last post by rortarian2003 on Today at 02:17:21 AM »
Okay, I got several of Hitomi's subtitled JAVs.  There are only a few available at present but you can commission others though some might find the prices a bit steep.

What I didn't expect was that the subtitles would make the movies that much more watchable and erotic.  A lot of the time when I watch a Hitomi JAV I'm waiting for the guy to get out of the way so I can continue to feast my eyes on that incomparable body.  She is perfect from every angle.  Since I don’t speak Japanese the dialogue is just so much noise.

What I really appreciated – anew! - as I watched these vids was just how unbelievably sexually charismatic she is.  In one orgy vid she happily fucks 5 guys in the first scene, 4 more in the next and finishes off doing 16 and, at the end, she looks perfectly able and willing to keep on fucking.  She plays the bottomless fuck-slut better than anyone I’ve ever seen.   She is supremely self-confident and comfortable naked and from any angle – with that body it’s perfectly understandable.  Crowds and cameras don’t worry her, Hitomi’s come to fuck and her attitude is that she’s better at it than anyone else and she then proceeds to proves it. 

The orgy vid didn’t have much of a plot but with subtitles it was fun.  In a couple of other vids she’s more the seductress and those were hugely exciting.  In one she seduces her sister’s boyfriend, which is about as easy for her as breathing.  She then proceeds to fuck the poor pussy-mesmerized guy in all sorts of places, mostly while her sister is in the next room.  The boyfriend is totally helpless in the face of that body and Hitomi’s magnetic sexuality.  At one point she just looks at him and says, ‘you are addicted to my pussy’ and he breathlessly agrees, plunging uncontrollably into her while his girlfriend is in the next room.

EBOD-302 is one of Hitomi’s best vids – I was re-watching it and am now considering commissioning a subtitled version.  If you’ve seen it, I think you’ll agree it would be delicious to know what she’s saying as she reduces her partners to exhausted, very happy paste in a series of vignettes that are uniformly great.

Palomine who has been a great contributor to this forum as a moderator (I’m not sure he still is) once wrote in tribute to Hitomi:

‘Ms. Tanaka is a bone fide, unadulterated, archetypical Fuck Puppet Goddess if ever there was one and her mind-bending capacity for inviting/absorbing/embracin Ms. Tanaka is a bona fide, unadulterated, archetypal F@ck Puppet Goddess if ever there was one and her mind-bending capacity for inviting/absorbing/embracing cumulative miles of cock and cumulative Olympic-sized swimming pools worth of semen make her practically unique among her so-called peers.

She is Hitomi Tanaka.

That is to say: she is synonymous with the unabashed joy of sweaty, fleshy, happy f@cking and the exchange of copious quantities of bodily fluids.’

Long may she reign!  Now to go back to posting pics of the GODDESS…..
General Discussion / Re: 32JJ Wendy Fiore! (MERGED)
« Last post by salem on Today at 12:28:52 AM »
General Discussion / Re: Cara Ruby
« Last post by salem on Today at 12:25:58 AM »
General Discussion / Re: Jenny McCarthy MERGED
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