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All of that said, I agree: she is definitely worthy of a thread of her own.

Turns out that not only has she been posted about here from time to time, she already has a thread here from way back in 2009, with a not-so-easy-to-find name:

"Shanie is FLAWLESS!"
Off-Topic & Testing / Re: The R.I.P. Thread
« Last post by solvegas on Today at 03:48:15 AM »
Another performer just passed away, David Cassidy, age 67 of organ failure in Florida. He became a huge star in the early 70's as the older brother in the ABC TV show " The Partridge Family " ( which I remember well ) alongside his stepmother Shirley jones as the matriarch of the family. Geez, they've been dropping like flies lately.  :(
Off-Topic & Testing / Re: The R.I.P. Thread
« Last post by TheZookie007 on Today at 03:43:35 AM »
This just in:

David Cassidy, lead singer on The Partridge Family, has died, according to his publicist Jo-Ann Geffen. He was 67.

Model ID Requests / Re: The "Welfare Queen Feeds Lobster To Dog" video
« Last post by Sawyer90 on Today at 03:39:20 AM »
Broken link, zookie.

(fixed —moderator)
Morph Requests / Re: Yuval
« Last post by Erislovesbigtits on Today at 03:33:38 AM »
love it :), lets keep em coming, maybe some topless too
And that beaver-toothed bastard Ajit Pai is at it again.
The FCC is expected to announce a vote to gut net neutrality rules the day before Thanksgiving.

The plan seems to be that he's going to release his proposal, and it will then be voted on at their December meeting.

FCC plans total repeal of net neutrality rules - Margaret Harding McGill, Politico, 11/20/17

The FCC revealed its plan to repeal net neutrality. It could change how we use the Internet. - Mike Snyder, USA Today, 11/21/17

FCC Chairman Proposes Repeal of Net Neutrality Rules - Ted Johnson, Variety, 11/21/17

When you send notes and comments to the FCC Commissioners, remember that Jessica Rosenworcel is the one on the side of keeping the rules as they are.
I watched it, with the sound turned off. If you want to spend 1 minute and 39 seconds of your life watching it, I suggest you do the same. There are no sprogs anywhere in it, by the way.

Off-Topic & Testing / Re: Why so few Indian/Pakistani models?
« Last post by TheZookie007 on Today at 02:43:11 AM »
Pakistani Instagram model Samira Ahmed
Off-Topic & Testing / Re: MERGED: The Politics Thread
« Last post by TheZookie007 on Today at 02:41:18 AM »
In other political news:

New York Times: "Robert Mugabe Resigns as Zimbabwe’s President, Ending 37-Year Rule"

which just goes to show that even a man who wishes to become a tinpot dictator, or who actually begins to act like one, is not above the law and can fall from power just as easily as he rose to it. (Let's hope the 115th Congress of the United States takes note.)
As of this morning, Mariano says "We will remove the login completely from Addventure. Hopefully this week."
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