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3 Sightings - The sun brings them out...
« on: June 30, 2001, 12:23:00 PM »
Large Lavender Lumps

 I'm heading downtown to cash my paycheck and stuck at the light. Across the traffic I see a twenty-something brunette wearing a snug lavender top cycle to a stop. In the hunched over position she's exceptional and she's got my attention. She catches the walk sign late and hurries across the street - grapefruit sized breasts bouncing as she tries to make the light (I'd have waited for her - no matter how long it took).
 She makes the light, barely, and climbs aboard, showing a nice ass in dark slacks to those staring, open mouthed, men watching her.

 Yipes, Stripes.

 Now I'm the one waiting to cross the street. It'll be a while so I'm checking out the talent. The warm sunny afternoon certainly has them out. After several days of rain and unseasonalby cold weather, they're eager to work on their tans - and other things.
 I glance up the hill and spot a well filled black and white striped sweater in-line skating down the hill. Even from this distance, she's DD or better and as she speeds directly towards me, the shrinking distance only confirms her size.
 Her long blonde hair flows behind her, her snug jeans plastered tight against her thighs. The pavement's a bit uneven so she bounces nicely as she speeds in my direction. She's early and puts the brake on showing excellent posture, a nice waist, and an amazingly obvious chest.
 The light turned green and we crossed, her eyes on her path and mine on her stripes. Very nice.

Kahki Attack

 Finally, I'm heading out of town and stuck at a light near a popular record store when I see them bouncing down the street. She's tiny, brown haired, and dressed in a tight khaki top and even tighter jeans. She's in a hurry and those platform shoes are working hard. So's that khaki top - free range D's bouncing as she hurried down the sidewalk. Thankfully, I've got the brake on otherwise I'd be eating the trunk of the car in front of me (who sees the same thing I do).
 He glances in the mirror, points in her direction and gives me the OK sign which I return. The light goes green and I try to follow her in the rear view mirrors but she's gone.

 Three days after the sightings I can still see them - such was the effect of their pulchritude and movement. With any luck, the warmth of summer'll bring more sightings out.
Now to find out where mercer works - even if it's in Jersey.


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