The Week in Morphs - 3/17/02
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USER GALLERY WEEKLY AVERAGE - 18.  not bad at all.

BYZO - did an interesting expansion series of Sarenna Lee complete with balloon captions.

DAVID COP_A_FEEL - excellent nickname, drawing from the classics.  The blonde with glasses, France, received a massive dose of BE.  The book she held in the original now had to do double duty and help lend support.

HUMAN RESOURCES - took a photo of Chelsea Charms when she visited the old HOOTERS where she used to work.  HR's BE morph detailed the 'Fringe Benefits' of serving chicken wings.

HERE TODAY - HT's morph 'more_less' illustrated the problems this blonde has  laying on  her stomach.

EXPANDO A SUPERHERO - Improved on the fiesty Chloe from Smallville.  Who was that masked man? I just wanted to thank him.

ZORAK - takes Lt. Jadzia Dax where no Trill has gone before.  BE docks at DS9 and disembarks onto Jadzia's chest.  Complete with caption and Cmdr. Sisko.

ZORRO - has been moved to the ESTABLISHED ARTISTS


GALVATRON - returned to a morph of Jennifer Love Hewit (a recurring favorite with the evil deceptacon turned artist) and an oriental BE progression are just 2 examples. Another post was his return to the failed Clear Pepsi Crusade in which Mimi Rodgers bounces rather nicely.  GALVATRONIMATION may not replace CGI, but it's always interesting to see what the next GIF will display.

FRED -  Subjects include a morph by KBA and Magic's Skyler and a classic Brunette.
This and his Extreme website as well. FRED when do you manage to **82**?

.WC POPE - gooed together a BE progression of one of his cartoon gals.  Blonde hair and a red dress works for me!

MECHANISM - did a slow BE of the character Chloe from the new hit TV drama Smallville.

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Re: The Week in Morphs - 3/17/02
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ObBEsessed - used a Pam Anderson pic in a gold formal and produced a BE morph of Dr. Ivan's proportions.  Could this be the Pamela yet to come?

MR. LICKER - has only been absent a short time.  The Mary Louise craze infects the artist and he returns just before Midnight to upload Mary Louise in the buff - BE'd.

PATRAK - Founder of the now deleted Yahoo club 'Boob Expansion' morphed Lisa Lipps into the super busty range.  You should see what he has done to Chelsea, Maxi, Minka, and Casey James in the recent past.  Imaginos this quy should have a gallery.


SAINT STEPHAN - Usually prefers morphs that are close to the possible. This week he gave Minka a BE treatment to write home about. Using a recent photo of the oriental beauty, she developed  'heavy hangers' that several of the latexers (Zena Fulsom, Cindy, Melanie Tipps, etc.) couldn't surpass. Several of his more conservative ladies ranged from a busty Brit to several Asians.  Lena Li accounted for many of these morphs. Saint introduced a few examples of a new technique as well.  


MAGIC - started the week with Sweatermeat including a progression made for animation.
Brabusters and Pendulorum later gave way to Nippleodeon on Saturday with Vanessa Montagne and Alicia. Diane Poppos was the subject Friday.

MACHINE - again kept pace with MAGIC. A girl in a Bombs Away T-shirt, the Bikini clad, and tank tops were often seen.  One pic was either Bridget Fonda or her double.

MELLOAN - managed to donate several enlarged models this week despite his heavy lifting getting that new gallery up and running. 20 pages of BE are there.  Several morphs focused on Mary Louise. A new blonde that has caused a stir in the U/G.

ANONYMOUS - oriental with a red towel. The towel was around her waste and her breasts were in the extreme category.

FUZZY - fulfilled a request to make Laura from Family Matters more squeezable.  Steve Urkel eat your heart out!

PREPRESS - continued with Patti Farinelli.  Catherine Bach from the Dukes of Hazard starred with her head grafted to make a new production named Bedtime Fantasy.

RECYCLER - used the killer kitties to attack Kitten Natividad in that giant Champagne glass.  Filled requests as well.

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Re: The Week in Morphs - 3/17/02
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jayjay88 - added an angel with butterfly wings and caption plus a supine B'fly Babe.

RONIN - Holy boobs Batman - Catwoman is making me walk stiff legged! The purple clad Vixen receives a curvy form that stretches her cartoon spandex.

ZORRO - filled a request on a slender redhead by giving her a larger cup size. Among his bust morphs were a few BBW's and Virginia (Kurvs) from Top  ZORRO has moved out of the newcomers this week.

GREENHILL - illustrated the birth of a superheroine.  

AMORE - continued the exploits of the huge breasted blonde that has more to love. A lot more!

CANDYE MAN - reposted Patti Farinelli, in the library, with a larger rack.  This met a request from the forum.

NEWARTMAN -  Vanessa Montagne standing in a blue bikini shows no sign of losing her balance with her new front porch.

GALVATRON - used a curly headed JLH for a BE morph. Enlarged a lovely Asian girl complete with balloon caption.  

CHEVIOT - performs a test that creates 2 changes in Jadzia Dax. Makes a perfect compliment to ZORAK'S version.

Corrections will be made as needed.
That's it for this week.  Your  suggestions, corrections, and evaluations are welcome as always.  
What do you know?
It did go easier this week.
Will wonders never cease.

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Re: The Week in Morphs - 3/17/02
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Well, Catch you've done it again...a very entertaining review of the week that was in morphland, and very thorough... i  can't imagine someone was left out!...i don't think i saw half of what you've described and i check in several times a day...guess i'll have to take notes!!...what a great feeling for first-timers or newcomers to have themselves recognised.
.......your stirling efforts are noted!
Once a bOOb man, always a BooB man...!

Re: The Week in Morphs - 3/17/02
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Thanks jay.  Here in Indiana we believe in "priming the pump".  That phrase applies to much more than the water system.

You might be surprised. Very few of each week's morphs are exclusive to the Members Gallery.  Most of those are animations.

BTW, did you receive that Supergirl morph?  Everything appears to work properly  with the MSN-tv.