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Probably a SAMUS power armor. The glitter boy is very strong (3D6x10MD per shot.)and durable(770MDC) but very slow (60mph or 96kph).Dragons while powerful ass creatures have their draw backs as well. only shape shift for something like 2 hours at a time,and limeted use of armor and weapons.
Juicers have their drawbacks also limeted life span.The list goes on and on.
Most new GMs for RIFTS ten to just throw new players into the meat grinder with out a second thought as to how they will handle battle. A wise GM once taught me to ease my players into their roles and let them get used to the system. By doing this at the first you let the player get the feel of how his character works,thinks,and acts in its life and in battle. He also taught me to not make the sessions constant battle but to add story to it and flesh out the world the players move through. The best thing to do is treat a game like a horse and if it throws you get back on and ride again.
Another policy to keep is to let a player play the character again if it dies(this saves generation time and the players persona)you do this only twice.
GMs as a rule tend to be heavy handed with the players because it kinda satisfies them to be able to smash a player fast.
This shows GMs should use a little moderation when opening the can of whup-ass.  

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On a erlier note I was talking about a SAMUS power armor.The SAMUS is a very fast and agile unit(this tends to throw off glitter boys because the speed to targeting ratio)though not as durable or as powerful as a glitter boy(total MDC 250 and only 1D4x10 MD per 40 round burst.)The flight capabilities make the "Sam" a very forbidding enemy to face. Good tactis would be to have a power armor or robot vehicle with missile systems(mini or otherwise)and fire a volley of 5 to 10 missles(you can dodge 1 missle but not more(unless you use a macross skill called missle evasion))even if the target shoots one down (1 in 45%chance of detonating all missles in volley)he takes damage from the ones he did not get. The next best thing is to get him on the ground and beat the crap out of him.  

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sorry I tend to blather on about strange or stupid things.
Back to the questions from earlier(which one is at your discretion.)  

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OH and I would be willing to play on mondays and tuesdays(any game D&D RIFTS Paranoia etc..)

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Hmm well im filling in for Meiou wile his phones are dead anyways he says Mondays are fine but needs to know what you want your charecters to be and if you want him to create them for you

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What gaming system??? D&D RIFTS Dragon Ball Z(amazingly enough they actually have one)GURPS Paranoia Star Trek Star Wars Palladium,Name one I'll play it.  

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well if youd been paying attention to meious post youd of noticed he said for d&d e3

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DBZ? Yeesh, from what I've seen on the show, the game must be 100% combat oriented. Nothankyou...

Anytime's cool with me, unfortunately I can't roll my own character, I went looking for a copy of the D&D rulebook in the stores, couldn't find one. I'd probably be best with a human mage character. (non-Thayvian, please)

"Don't you dare call me irrational! You <i>know</i> that makes me <b>CRAZY!!</b>"

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If ya have a wizards of the coast in your area try there. Yeah the DBZ game is combat oreiented, but it is also the only one that lets you make your own attacks and decide how many dice you use(this means that you can have an attack that does 2000D6 points damage(yes you have to roll all those dice.))

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By the way where have you tried? If you went to a book store like borders, crown books, etc.. you will have a hard time finding a whole hell of a lot. If you look in your local yellow pages under games and you might find several diffrent places to look. If any one is looking to play RIFTS I will GM we can do this on tuesdays there is only one book necessary for character generation or i'll make a list of what there is to play and you can tell me what you want to be and i'll roll you up a character(I will also post breif descriptions and a list of skills)  

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alright. well try a store called gamestop thats where you can get it cheaper than most places. I know barnes and Nobles carries it comic book shops and various others. What do you want to be splicer?

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I would like to be a paladin(if you use forgotten reamls theres some plane touched in there that i am interested in)dwarf or human if i can not play a palidin i would like a fighter( the plane touched are the aasimar and the air genasi)

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Im familer with the planetouched Meiou does own the books and im barrowing them wile his phones are down to do this. Assamir Paladin is what you want ok. Theres moer than one type of Gensai

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I know, Ijust like the air genasi thats all.
thanks man I'll retreive my books from my sisters house and we can get under way when you want.  

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Oy.  I'm dizzy just from _reading_ all that weapons garbage and technobabble on the posts about RIFTS.  Head...spinning...must...stop it....(clunk)

Instant death doesn't at all appeal to me.  When I make up a character, I make them up _carefully_ and I give them real personalities and backgrounds, etc.  Sometimes I even _care_ about them--as much as anybody cares about their favourite fictional character in a book or movie, I guess.  So I make them to LAST.  I mean, I _intend_ them to last.  If I go to all that work, I certainly don't want them to die on the first gaming session!  I make up my characters with a lot of care, with the intention that they will last a long time and will eventually grow into something far more powerful.
Of course, I COULD give them zero personality at all, crank several of them out at once, and go, "Oh, well." if one of them dies and reach for the paper of the next one...but I'm not that kind of player.  I'd much sooner BE a cardboard cutout with no feelings or background than PLAY one!

So.  I've heard of RIFTS' world before and it sounded interesting but, if it involves instant death all the thanks.  Not unless you get clones, like in Paranoia.    

The gaming systems I "know", for splicer and anybody else who got here after the original thread, are D&D 2nd edition, Hollow World (that's my fave _basic_ D&D universe), GURPS, Paranoia and a bit of Runequest.  I tried making up a character using that program thingie for D&D 3rd edition, but there were so many new rules to remember it made me dizzy, again, and I never really fully memorised the rules to the OLD edition!  :P

Anyway, for me, it's about ROLE-PLAYING, not combat!  Oh, combat is a necessary evil, I suppose, without it you couldn't get experience points and advance...but give me _exploration_!  Give me humour!  Give me "human" interaction with other characters!  Give me societies, towns, _cultures_!  Give me a colourful, interesting, weird world!  Give me history and three-dimensional NPC's!  And _then_ I shall be happy.

I know, I sound exactly like the stereotypical "female gamer", don't I?  Well...maybe I AM!  So what?  Nothing wrong with being intellectual and creative rather  than mindlessly, repetitively violent!

Anyway, the thing we made up last was a 1500's? or 1600's?-era society on an Earth-ish planet, using D&D 3rd edition, and I was going to use my old Runequest character, although all the discussion we did about how to fit his homeland into this world without changing its culture drastically made me rather sick of him, and I'm probably going to make up a new dude or dudette.  I wish I could get my brain out of Phantasy Star mode; I WANT TO PLAY A NUMAN!  Meow!  But in the 1500's Earth that would take some explaining.  The closest I could get would be an elf who wears a swimsuit to battle (and full armour on the beach  ) and uses strap-on metal claws for her weapons...


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