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Friend of mine posted a sighting
« on: May 05, 2004, 09:44:42 PM »
(He works at a drive through, and this was his customer.)

She's got the biggest tits I've seen since KaL* posted that shirtless picture. They're just everywhere. And she's got this low cut shirt on, leaving nothing to the imagination. After she left I had to go jerk off in the men's room.
She starts digging through her purse for her money. She spent a good three or four(there were no customers behind her, plus I had a nice view from being slightly elevated so I didn't mind) searching for it, because she "knows I have a twenty in here somewhere". Now, while Snoota was busy staring at her breasts, he notices the edge of a bill hanging out of her bra.

She ended up having to pay with her debit card because I didn't want to admit my eyes were locked on her breasts and saw the tiny, miniscule, barest corner of a bill amongst the great mountain passes of her tigol bitties.

* = KaL is a guy, a friend of ours.