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MY computer stuff for sale
« on: June 12, 2004, 10:56:49 AM »
I have the following items i need to unload

Belkin DSL/Cable router (just upgraded to a Wireless and my old belkin is obsolete) i have the box cables, power cord, driver CD (not really needed) im missing the manual but there is a 800 tech support number that will take you through the setup thats what i did im asking 20 for the router or best offer
Creative Labs 5x speed DVD rom with optional decoder card (came with the drive if you have a computer with a decent video card you dont need the decoder card just a decent program like win dvd)i have the box, manuals, driver cd for the drive and ill throw in a copy of win dvd 4.0 that came with my dvd burner (i already ahve version 5.0) FYI the drive IS region free and has on the creative version of the dvd player software a ntsc/pal converter so you can play ANY dvd on it.  im asking 15 for the drive
a pair of labtec speakers (got a 5.1 creative labs speaker set dont need the stereo speakers) have the box cord for the outlet im asking 5 for them
KDS 17 inch monitor (only 7-8 months old) i recently got a 19" i have the box instructions, packing foam, etc.  im asking 90 or best offer shipping will depend on your zip code
well thats my list if anybody wants any of those items like i said or best offer, i just need to get rid of what i dont need anymore
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