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Just a question about subgirlie.  Has there been a dramatic change in your psyche or has your attitude about nude photos changed?  I will admit being surprised to see those photos of you in the member's gallery.Does this mean that now we all have to take our clothes off?

I have noticed with her last few postings I've had to loosen my belt because my pants got too tight.What the heck, I'm taking off my pants altogether so little elvis can run free!!  

Photos were not posted by Subgirlie, at least the most recent inlcuding the topless. Apparently there is some sort of 'family squabble' going on. The poster claimed to be angry at Subgirlie and his postings were made out of anger and contained some imflammatory comments.The photos with those comments were deleted.[But Have Been Reloaded Without Antagonistic Tone. Her Ex Said He Was Angry Because She Wouldn't Let Him See His Son]Seems like the Diane Poppos/Ex-Husband
scenario being replayed for the notoriety.Master Blaster
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Do we know who posted photos of subgirlie nude without her permission?  What are we going going to do do about it?I am loosening my belt also. Ah, that's better!

I've missed the latest posting and apparent un-posting.  But with regard to the apparent "family squabble" - am I the only one who's wondering if this is part of a Net backlash against SG (and thinking perhaps that it might not be totally unwarranted)?Also, I'm just curious - are any forum members here members of  If so, are you satisfied with the service and content of the paysite so far?  I'd be interested in hearing from other members about it.


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