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"Has there been a dramatic change in your psyche or has your attitude about nude photos changed? I will admit being surprised to see those photos of you in the member's gallery."I'm a member at her site, and she has no problem with topless photos."Photos were not posted by Subgirlie, at least the most recent inlcuding the topless. Apparently there is some sort of 'family squabble' going on. The poster claimed to be angry at Subgirlie and his postings were made out of anger and contained some imflammatory comments"The photos were posted by someone with no connection whatsoever with Subgirlie. In fact he probably isn't even a member of the paysite, and probably got those pictures by trading with a member.
If you like her enough to get a membership at her site, respect her wishes about the photos. If you trade pics with someone this sort of thing can happen. If you like her and don't have a membership, consider getting one instead of swapping photos with those that did get one.
I know there are probably a few people who have traded SG's pictures, and I would ask you not to do that. If this sort of thing becomes too much of a hassle for her she might reconsider running a paysite, and I'm sure we would all hate to see that

Someone e-mailed me yesterday to tell me that "Meeso" had posted a topless photo of me in the gallery.  I immediately emailed the BEA.  I was not even aware of the comments or previous pictures until I read this thread, but the person that posted the photos is not my ex.  "Meeso" has posted a few pictures of me in the past with negative comments attached to them.  I do not have any idea who he is and why he does this, but I have noticed that he did the same thing with Sarah Mercury's pics a few months back.  For the record, all of my photos are copyrighted and watermarked.  No one has my permission to repost them.  As for nude photos, I do not post nude photos of myself on the Internet, nor do I intend to.  I made the decision to make a topless paysite a few months back and have done so.  My site is a comic book theme and does not contain any full nudes or sex acts.  It does contain mostly comical stories and fun games.  I believe it is classy and fun.  Initially, I would not even consider creating a topless site, but after all that happened in the BEA, I became a lot more comfortable with my body and with the idea of doing a topless site.  When I first came to the BEA, I was a bit prudish and very shy about my body.  Matter of fact, I was almost ashamed of my breasts.  I spent my entire life trying to blend in to be like the 'norm' of society.  I would look at the women in Cosmo and wish I looked like them.  I did not even know that there were men in society that would enjoy a woman with such large breasts.  I was married for almost 2 years before I ever let my ex husband see my bare breasts.  I thought I was deformed because areolas and nipples were so large.  After the initial fiasco with the BEA, I started lurking here and reading some of the posts.  I felt "at home" here because it is filled with posters that adore women with larger breasts.  Finally, a place where I was not considered a freak.  The more I posted and the more I chatted with the members here, the more comfortable I became with my body.  From the beginning, people were asking me to do a paysite, and after a while, the more I became comfortable with myself, the more I considered it.   When I finally made the decision to create the paysite, I decided that I would create a site that would let my personality show through, something that would show men that I am not just a set of breasts, but that I have a brain and a sense of humor.  Now that my site has been up for a month, I realize that it was the best thing I could have done.  My self esteem is at a high (compared to what it was), I am now financially secure enough that I can stay home and take care of my son (very important for a single mom), and I have met a ton of great people that really enjoy my work.  When I read this thread today, I was amazed to hear about this garbage.  What also shocked me is what Masterblaster said: "Photos were not posted by Subgirlie, at least the most recent inlcuding the topless. Apparently there is some sort of 'family squabble' going on. The poster claimed to be angry at Subgirlie and his postings were made out of anger and contained some imflammatory comments.
The photos with those comments were deleted.[But Have Been Reloaded Without Antagonistic Tone. Her Ex Said He Was Angry Because She Wouldn't Let Him See His Son]Seems like the Diane Poppos/Ex-Husband
scenario being replayed for the notoriety.Master Blaster" If You were aware of someone posting my pics, why didn't you remove them the second time.  You are a moderator here.  Isn't it your job to ensure that the rules are followed.  It was obvious to you that I did not post the photos and that it was an act of revenge.  I do not comprehend that.And RageRocker:"I've missed the latest posting and apparent un-posting. But with regard to the apparent "family squabble" - am I the only one who's wondering if this is part of a Net backlash against SG (and thinking perhaps that it might not be totally unwarranted)?
Also, I'm just curious - are any forum members here members of If so, are you satisfied with the service and content of the paysite so far? I'd be interested in hearing from other members about it."I wonder why you would say that it might not be unwarranted?  Editor:"Do we know who posted photos of subgirlie nude without her permission? What are we going going to do do about it?"The photos were posted without my permission and I have emailed the BEA.  I am currently awaiting a reply.  I know that the BEA has their own "members only" section, so I am sure they can understand.  Hopefully, they will help rectify this problem.As for "Meeso,"  I do not know what his motive is, but he has been around since I first posted on the BEA.  All I can say is, what comes around goes around.  Peace~ Subgirlie

Subgirlie - I will remove your photos per your request to me via this board. I am not in charge of copyright issues. I removed the imflammatory comments from a human perspective.I left the reposts up so you would find them, and make a formal request to the BEA. Which you did by email. But those emails DO NOT COME TO ME.MasterBlaster  

Oh, I am sorry Masterblaster.  I thought that you were responsible for those.  My apologies.  Peace~



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