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Sightings: Poor Report (Mercer Should'a Been There)
« on: May 31, 2002, 09:54:29 PM »
Graduation day today.

You wouldn't think that it was a good day for sightings, and if you considered the graduates ourselves, you'd be right.  Academic gowns wipe out most or all of a person's body shape (and are ugly to boot).

The audience, though...

Coming in, spotted a woman in profile walking to the ceremony; ina dress, maybe a touch on the full-figured side, but the top of the dress was low-cut and stretched out at least eight inches down and seven inches out.  Half-volleyballs easily.

Various sightings in the middle of it all that kinda blur in my head; it was a hot day (mercury-wise).

Then at the end, coming down the stairs, a slightly built woman in a polo shirt.  "Slightly built" refers to the balance of her body; the horizontally-striped shirt was packed, stretched, six inches down, four inches out.

I won't even try to guess cup sizes; that would just lead to a flame war.

My own poor attempt at a sighting report should give new appreciation for the effort and language that goes into what Craig Mercer does; he would have written a book on today.

I can't.  My mind's gone, I think.

Trace, J.D.  
"Keep avay from me!  And do not breathe like zat!"
"Like what?"
"Zer bosoms going in and out and up and down like zat! I am a vampire! A fainting young lady, please understand, zer panting, zer heaving of zer bosoms ... it calls somezing terrible from within..."

- Otto and Saccharissa