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Retroactive sighting, c. April 15...*very* good day
« on: June 06, 2002, 11:16:35 PM »
All of this except the last paragraph, which was finished today, was written on Friday, April 16...not sure why, but I never finished it until now.  Luckily, I just happened to have a notebook handy all day, and I made extensive notes upon seeing each subject, so I didn't forget a lot.

Yesterday the mercury climbed to the mid '80s here, and all over town there was an increase in sweat and a decrease in clothing.  Being nice as it was, I spent way most of my spare time on campus outside, and there were lots of nice things to be seen.  Only two were really worth writing home about, and those were seen during the middle of the day, when campus is most crowded.  But there were two other pleasant sightings at extreme opposite ends of the day.  

Early that morning I headed to the cafeteria, grabbed a table by myself, and enjoyed a peaceful breakfast.  Before I sat down, I'd just decided on orange juice when I briefly looked to the left and almost ran into the Coke machine.  I only saw her for a second, but I got the feeling there was something special about this girl and went to my table to get a better look.  A few minutes later I glance up from my pancakes and nearly choke.  Okay, we're talking short (5'4ish),petite, perky, just-above-shoulder brown hair, short-sleeved t-shirt and cute little breasts.  (Stay with me.)  When she passes, I get a full view of why I almost came face-to-face with the Coke machine.  Tight black Lycra pants--my favorites--over an ass so disproportionately round, that stuck out so far, that she walked like a slut, but you knew she couldn't help it because...well, with a butt that size, it probably takes a really conscious effort from her not to walk funny.  

The one at the end of the day, like I said, wasn't Mercer-sized, but was probably my favorite anyway, a cute girl with hair and height similar to the previous one.  I encountered her several times at the end of the day, wearing a fitting, but not tight yellow top with huge, wonderful water-baloony C's that seemed to leap about of their own accord, jumping high and falling hard as she walked to and fro.

Now, for the main event(s)...  Mid-day, around noonish.  Since the heat came, most people (myself included) are regularly skipping lunch in favor of some time in the sun.  I go outside to the commons area and stake out a spot in the shade of a nearby building to work on some homework.  Turned out to be so hot I couldn't concentrate, but I guess that was a good thing.  I'd barely opened my book before I looked up to see  a long-haired blonde in a tight peach-colored top containing what I'm gonna say were a big, round pair of in-your-face DD cantaloupes that stuck straight out like there should have been a gargoyle sitting on the edge.  Almost immediately afterward came a girl in a just-tight-enough white spaghetti-strap top, and I'm gonna venture that these were DDD's or maybe even E's hanging, braless, about halfway down her stomach, [i\juuuuuuust perfectly filling out her top.  They were were giant, not too perky and firm, not too droopy and squishy, with lots of give...practically perfect in every way.  Her bralessness was obvious due to highly aroused puffy areolas and nipples in that wonderful limbo between relaxed and hard, and a dreamy, sloshy two of three inches of bounce with each step (and she had a fairly normal walk)...  I should mention that these two sightings were only about three minutes apart.  

I'd written half of this post when I came home the next day, but for some reason I got sidetracked and didn't finish.  The whole last paragraph I just wrote, but I found I could still remember them (especially the last one) as clearly as the day I first sat down to write about them.  I guess time can never diminish the best sightings.