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SaRenna Lee morphs

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St Stephan:
Tomorrow I will be posting (inter alia) 20 morphs of SaRenna Lee in the SERIES cell at the Megamammammmonastery, and I wanted to discuss them a little.  The five pictures below are links to my free BEA gallery, so are permitted under the 1-1-1-1 rule. Except for the first, they are all reduced: members have access to larger versions (maximum 379KB, median size of all 20 morphs is 145KB)  

SaRenna fans will probably have one or two reactions, the positive being "Cool!  New views of my Goddess" and the negative "How dare he tamper with the perfection of my Goddess".  I'm not a fervent SaRenna fan myself, but I have no trouble looking at her, particularly when she was slimmer - for example, in the "Piano Lessons" set.  Still, you know us morphers, too much is never enough, so I boosted her in this lovely pose:

However, I have a penchant for tall girls, and was shocked to find, in comparison pictures like the Megaboobs lineup set, that SaRenna was considerably shorter than other SCORE models.  So I found a way to make her tower over Maxi Mounds:


You probably all know that SaRenna became quite chunky in later sets, and - though still eminently admirable - she would be much more fetching with long, slim, shapely legs (IMHO: of course many will disagree).  So I concentrated on that aspect in several morphs, of which this is one example:

There are a couple of rear-view morphs (which would normally go in RETRO ME, but this is a series).  Here's one from the "Wrapped" series.  I did several from that series, as I find that black latex suits SaRenna particularly well:


OK, to sum it up, here is a thumbnail overview of the whole SaRenna post (for details of the rest of my update, see my post in Update Announcements tomorrow:


Comments would be nice

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 I like'em

I like the black latex one, very nice.........


I especially like the one marked sts_redleather, and all the other ones with sarena lee in them!!

It's not latex, it's PVC.  It's still sweet though    


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