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Hey, I've been a fan of Sunshines ever since I saw clips of her years ago (back when she had the weird, wavvy kind of haircut) and I've always wanted to find the entire vid of that debut movie.

Here's a clip of the movie I found on Dailymotion.com recently - http://www.dailymotion.com/bulottin33/video/x4ku65_a_sexy.

She was in better shape back then, and even her boobs had a better look to them imo.

Anyone know where to find that entire vid, or maybe clips of it? I didn't see her listed as a model on divinemelons.com anymore, so I wasn't sure if they still had any of her material.

Thanks in advance.

Edit: Just wanted to add that if any of you know of where to find some pics of the set, that'd be great to.