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Bluto, are you sure that it's Crystal  Storm that you're talking about.  Here's "Erupting Volcanoes" synopsis from Wild Bill's website:

Wild Bill's Erupting Volcanoes VHS Video

Synopsis: The Erupting Volcanoes let loose in this classic milking video starring Twin Volcanoes and her enormous milk laden tits, followed by world famous big titter Crystal Starr! Kinky Lactation hardcore only from Wild Bill!

It appears to be "Starr", not "Storm", correct?

Just curious.  

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By golly you're right!  It is Crystal Starr, which makes sense because I think the woman in that video died in an accident soon after it was made and, as far as I know, Crystal Storm is alive and kicking.  I keep very little reference material and a lot of the facts I pop off on these forums are strictly from memory, so I could be  mistaken from time to time and I don't mind being corrected.



I am a big fan of milk laden breasts. Whether lactating breasts are bigger or not, they still facinate me.  So I have come up with a list of my five all-time favorite milkers and some runner ups:
#1. Ms. Twin Volcanoes (also known as Yolanda) - Absolutely gigantic natural breasts, probably the biggest natural of all time without being grossly fat.  Then, in her third video she starts squeezing milk out of those already huge tits!  I almost had a heart attack.  Sad to say, Wild Bill tells me she's dead now.
#2. Milena Velba - Almost the equel of Volcanoes in size and even more famous for lactating.  She appears capable of producing endless streams of milk and seems to actually enjoy doing it.  I loved the breast pump scene on the bus in her video.  Put her in second place only because she doesn't do hardcore.
#3. Teddi Barrett - Who certainly does do hardcore and a lot of it.  In fact, there probably isn't anything Teddi DOESN'T do, including lactating.  She certainly shows that  implants are no barrier to squeezing milk out of a woman's breasts.  And her nipples are HUGE.  Would probably be #1 if she were a natural and if she would get someone, ANYONE, besides her beloved "Jimmy" to do the sex scenes with her.
#4. Crystal Storm - Only seen her in one lactating video, but it was a stunner.  Huge tits, huge nipples and an easy going manor that was quite ingatiating.  Would rate much higher if she'd done more than one and if her partner in the one wasn't the annoying Mr. Peabody, who also pops up in every Twin Volcanoes video.
#5. Trinity Lauren - A suprise, because I generally don't care for her.  She made several videos while still pregnant and promised in one of them that after she had her baby she was going to come back and make some lactating videos.  And by golly she did!  I admire her for keeping her promise and she was a pretty good milk producer as well.
Honerable mentions:
The Milk Maid - a woman of rather average size who make several hardcore lactating loops back in the late 60s-early 70s, one of them with the immortal Johnny Wadd!  Her breasts were nothing special and she got a really pained look on her face while expressing milk.
Nina Hartley (I think I got that name right) - The rather loopy porn star who claimed American Indian heritage and worshiped to a nature goddess.  She apparently kept milk in her breasts for years and would on occation squeze out a taste for her co-stars.  Did at least one purely milking video.
Dolly Buster - German porn star of the 80s and 90s.  I bought one of her videos from a bargan bin on a trip to New York once.  It was all in German and she was babbling on about something and pointing to tv screens showing videos she had made in the past.  One screen showed a close up of her squeezing her breasts until a tiny stream of milk came out.  The narating Dolly pointed to that, smiled at the camera, pulled out her breast and started squeezing out milk on the spot.  That was HOT!  I've never seen her do anything like that in any other video.


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One correction and one addition:
The Native American milker was Hyapatia Lee, not Nina Hartley.
And the Milk Maid also went by the name Angel Cash.


My Favorit is "Joy" from www.pregnantcoeds.com
She has no big boobies, but she squirts milk like she has cow udders. Milena doesnt squirt as much milk in all of her movies together, as this babe in one clip. Unfortunately, there is not much of her to see.

My Favorit is "Joy" from www.pregnantcoeds.com  

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I noticed that KurvsGirl is on this site.

Man, now this is my kind of post. Lost of content about the subject I love the most. I started a breastfeeding website way back in the day before most folks even knew about the Internet and before that, ran a BBS with the same topics.  Those were the days when you could chat with actual nursing mothers who were not ashamed to share their thoughts on nursing and sexuality and how they kept things seperate.  You could also talk with mature women who longed to relactate and have the feeling of full breasts again. It's great to see more people sharing and "coming out of the closet" about it, so to speak.

No one has mentioned my favorite lactation star of all time, Crystal Starr.  She was beautiful an a little thick, with full breasts and plenty of milk.  I love the contrast of her large dark areola and nipples in contrast to her golden blonde hair.

I tend to enjoy the lactating vids that are least like porn and more erotic.  I love seeing a fully clothed women offering their breasts to a willing mouth or the amateurish vids the Japanese create where they show their women naturally expressing milk, nursing a baby, or feeding someone.  The Loretta Sterling, spray milk all over the place, vids are such a turn off.  The women look like they can't wait to finish the vid so they can get paid.  Besides the fact that it doesn't take much to spray milk across the room when your breasts are full.

This leads me up to the next response about big lactating breasts over small lactating breasts.  Personally, as long as the breasts are natural, I much prefer the larger to the smaller but when it comes to milk production, I much prefer breasts that are producing the most milk.  I have been fortunate enough to see both U.S. and Japanese vids with women who do not have to spray their milk but it literally flows out of their breasts like a faucet was running, I kid you not.  Albeit, the majority of those types of vids come from Japan these days.

Just my two cents.  Anyone who is of like mind and wanting to share and/or chat offline, please give me a holler.



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