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HC Video of Maxi Mounds


I just downloaded a HC video of Maxi Mounds and i was very suprised. I didn`t know that she has one.
My question: Does somebody know if I can buy it anywhere?

Thanks, Dean.

Maxi sells it herself -

Go to her website: http://www.maximounds.com/

scroll down, click on videos - then its toward the bottom of the list.

I bought my copy from her direct.

I also recommend you buy her new ones , bound 4 pleasure and vegas vacation. very steamy

Just watched this vid - very good, in an amateurish sort of way. I got the feeling the sound was either out of synch, or it had been dubbed on later.

Nice to see Maxi smoking the pole and taking it doggie style - somethingg you don't see every day - and by the sounds of things, she cums really easy too.


Maxi sitting naked watching a porno movie, smoking a cigarette in her lounge, then stubbing out the ciggy and sucking some dude's cock like she was eating Pringles (whilst he continues to smoke, with his t-shirt on).

Maxi taking it doggie style. Very nice indeed.

Lows: No tit-ride. No good close-ups. No money shot.


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