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Going to Florida, be back in a week.  Not going to Bush Gardens, but will go to Disney, Disney, and Disney.  Have fun all.

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Re: Florida
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This should be a best practice around here.  Hate to not hear from someone again and not know what's going on... if you know what I mean.



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Re: Florida
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Have fun Munch! Don't forget the camera!
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Re: Florida
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You HAVE to get to the Spiderman ride in Universal studios....we were just there last Nov....that ride took the cake. (oh, and your [censored] will love it too)




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Re: Florida
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I second the comment on the Spiderman ride and Universal.  Another good reason to go to Universal is that they have a Popeye and Bluto ride that gets everyone soaked and if you have your camera you will see lots of gals in wet shirts walking all over the park.  (I love Disney too, but if you can go to both you will enjoy be glad)

Re: Florida
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I'm back.

A) No [censored] of my own, but my niece was there.  She had fun (and she's 4, so no remarks people).

B) Did not do Universal.  Did Disney 2 days, Sea World 2 days, Discovery Cove (and swam with dolphins and stingrays .. way cool), made sushi, swam alot, **84** very little, and um stuff.

C) Not really a sighting ... but in the Pirates of the Caribbian ride in Disney's main theme park you can see through one of the windows near the end.  An animatronic female is chasing a pirate.  The ride had stopped due to technical difficulties, and if it hadn't I would probably not have noticed, but the particular female was exceptionally busty.  I didn't spot any other busty animatronics at Disney, but ...

D) While at Sea World I rode the Kraken (their only Rollercoaster) three times (no lines).  One odd thing to note:  I didn't spot anyone busty, but there is a sign which reads that anyone with a chest size of 52" or greater needs to ride in the special chairs in the middle of the coaster.  Makes you wonder how often they have people with such a remarkable chest ride the ride that they need a special sign for them.

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Re: Florida
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Not to be a downer, but that might also refer to *guys* with a chest size of 52" or greater.


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Re: Florida
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They have a special seat for Fabio so he won't get his nose broken by a goose. . . .    

. . . I'm still looking for the sign that reads "you must have a bust measurement of 40" or over to ride this ride." (Hell, I volunteer to BE the ride. . . .)

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Re: Florida
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also, take this from me (a native Floridian)
at Universal Studios' Islands of Adventure (where those rides are).. and the Popeye & Bluto's bilge rat barges - when you come off the ride (probably soaked), go to the left to the kiddie section called "Me boat the Olive". go up the stairs and look down - you're now looking down at the people in the inner tubes below (also, water cannons are there to squirt people with) :> heheh..

another good place is standing on the bridge over Duddley Do Right's Ripsaw Falls flume ride.. usually good splash zone there and around the restaurtant near Jurassic Park's Jungle Boat Ride :>

hehh.. and who says going there like 10 times in 3 years is a BAD thing? :>