Re: Barbara Banda ... Busty British Lass (32FF)
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I don't think anyone here is prejudiced or anything like that.  Perhaps sheltered, but not prejudiced.  The point here is that there are black British folk just as there are white British folk, just as there are black Americans and white Americans.  They're all British or American in the end regardless.  



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Re: Barbara Banda ... Busty British Lass (32FF)
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Let me go a bit off-topic here:

Last week, the reality TV show "Big Brother Africa", concluded. This show, for the first time anywhere, had contestants from more than one country in the house. (As a matter of fact, a few of the female contestants deserve your attention, vis-a-vis their racks...but that's a story for another thread )

Anyways, the dude representing Namibia, Stefan, happens to be a white guy. This fact caused quite some amount of controversy -- some Namibians were aghast: "How in the world could a white guy represent our country?" Stefan, on the other hand, took the whole thing well, stating (as if it was not already obvious) that, despite the fact that he is not Black, he is 100% African in outlook, in upbringing, in culture, in the food he eats, in the clothes he wears, in the friends he has, and all that. He was born there, he grew up there, he lives there, and that all means that he is AFRICAN. Full stop.

The moral: race doesn't matter, when it comes to one's nationality. So, for those of you who don't know, now you know.

Back on topic now: thanks for the clips Any Old Joe...I hope to DL them soon.  
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Re: Barbara Banda ... Busty British Lass (32FF)
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Came across this thread while archiving. Posting a picture from one of those late-night channels from a few years ago.