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Re: Keisha Evans megathread MERGED
« Reply #6240 on: July 18, 2018, 02:21:00 PM »
It's good to see she is still around and having fun (even if she doesn't visit here often)

-Munch "damn people who don't visit here often" Wolf

It has been so long since you have visited here Munchwolf. I pretty much figured you didn't like it here anymore. Haven't heard much for a long time from Keisha neither.  :( Heck, haven't heard from Palomine, Pedonbio, Zorro and others since they changed the forum back in January 2016.  :(

There are several Users that sort of fell away after that January 2016 forum reset. It took Kithara and me a while to get our accounts sorted out, partially because we had been here so long. It took some behind-the-scenes efforts to manually get us up and running. Ironically it was Palomine that helped us.

Keisha is still around, and as we live in KC, I've seen her in real life twice. The last time was about the time she moved in 2008 (right around when the photo of her and Kirk Johnson was posted). I fear that the forum reset has gotten her. Also, she has on and off health so that is a factor in participation. It gets Kithara down a lot too. She even had a stalker issue a few years ago just to add more aggravation.

Hope Keisha is getting along. I believe she even moved again and she has mentioned here how taxing that can be. So, hope all is well. Gotta keep the KC BEA Princesses happy, healthy, and give 'em support!
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Re: Keisha Evans megathread MERGED
« Reply #6241 on: July 18, 2018, 11:15:53 PM »
wow you are lucky who meet her... any pics ? how was it to see her live? was it a bad experience for her with the stalker? i realy realy like her