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"34DD so-and-so appeared on such-and-such on 23 May 1964 at 9:24 P.M. EST.  Wind was NE at 7 and the barometric pressure at the time of sighting was 1009 millibars"...that what you had in mind?

An "exhaustive" list would be about impossible, considering that big tits are still one of the best comedy gags around, and nearly every sitcom ever shown has had at least one boob joke, or at least one guest star that could conceiveably be considered busty by somebody.

Raquel Welch guest starred in a two part episode of Mork & Mindy

--- End quote ---

So did Maureen Arthur, Angela Aames and Joyce Gibson/Mandell, each and all big-hootered.

Every episode of WKRP could also be considered something of a breast episode.

--- End quote ---

True, but so could many eps of the New WKRP...I thought Marla Jeanette Rubinoff was at least as luscious as Loni Anderson.  Speaking of Marla, there was Down to Earth as well.

We Got it Made had Teri Copley, Too Close for Comfort had Lydia Cornell, there was Suzanne Somers on Three's Company....all jiggle queens.

Night Court had Markie Post and also usually had a big boobed babe for Dan Fielding to drool over--Jennifer Richards, Corinne Wahl, Aames, Judy Landers, Gibson.

There was Carol Wayne on Love American Style.  Teresa Ganzel in The Duck Factory and as Greedy Gretchen on Three's Company. Dolly Parton even had her own (short-lived) sitcom.

Aames was on Alice and also played Penny the buxom aerobics instructor on the Dom Deluise Show.  She was also on The Love Boat, if that can be classified as a sitcom.  So were Christy Claridge, Charo and Gunilla Hutton.

Richards was in an episode of Mama's Family and so was Ganzel.

Leslie Easterbrook regularly starred on the last few seasons of Laverne & Shirley.

Married with Children had lots of good stuff--Jessica Hahn, Petra Verkaik, Heather Elizabeth Parkhurst, Traci Lords, and then there was that thing with that Cox girl.

Not to mention the series Stacked, with Pam Anderson.

Tessa Richarde was in an episode of Cheers.

Cassandra Peterson has made cameos, and even had her own TV pilot.

Jennifer Tilly's been in sitcoms.  Laura san Giacomo.  Adrienne Barbeau (not nicknamed 'Barboobs' for nothing)made Maude worth watching.  Gloria Leroy guested on All in the Family as 'Boom Boom' Turner.

No list could be complete without Joi Lansing's appearances on the Bob Cummings Show and the Beverly Hillbillies.

You get the idea.  There are many.

Any episodes of Less Than Perfect with Sara Rue and Sherri Sheppard. Wish this show was more available, had 4 seasons but no DVDs so far, only found these. Heard they are being rerun in Australia and other parts of the world.


Two older shows:

There were a few episodes of "The Beverly Hill Billies"  where  Lester Flat and Earl Scruggs guest starred...the wife of one of them was Joi Lansing...  I was a **50**..and she remember thinking that those boobs were gigantic..

The other:  The Odd Couple...  Felix's ex wife was very well endowed....

Here's a few that I remember:

1) An episode of Family Matters that in the first 2 or 3 minutes (if I remember correctly) has Laura walking down the stairs in an obviously padded bra.  Steve Urkel then says something like "Laura, you've got bazooms!"
2) In an episode of Sister Sister, one of the twin females had on a padded bra.  The male co-star said something like "Damn, have you been eating your vegetables?"
3) The Seinfeld episode that guest starred Terri Hatcher.  The quote when asked if her breasts were real was "They're real and incredible"
4) In an episode of Living Single, Kim Fields' character got a breast reduction.
5) There was this one show that I think came on Fox in the early mid 90's about 3 plump women who were roommates/friends.  One of the episodes guest starred Dolly Parton.  Somebody said to one of the ladies, "What could you possibly have in common with Dolly Parton?"  They all looked down at their breasts.  It was hard to guess the bra size of the women due to their overally size, but they were at least a D/DD or so.
6) The Charmed BE episode (I know's it not a sitcom)
7) There was a series on the WB (I think) that had Kirk Cameron taking caring of his younger brothers/sister.  He went shopping for his sisters first bra.
8) Punky Brewster.  There was the episode where she said to Henry, "I'm getting boobs".
9) Night Court BE episode.  There was a character on this episode that could do magic tricks, similar to Judge Harry.  He said something to Dan Fielding, and Dan then starting growing boobs (balloons under the shirt).   He said "I've been boobie trapped!"
10) Hype.  During this sketch comedy type show on the WB, they had something that made womens breasts grow/implants, or something like that.  I only saw it once and didn't catch all of it.

There is the "Boom Boom" episode(s) of All In The Family. I remember at the time she seemed exceptionally large, but of course by today's standards she's nothing. a DD at the most.


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