Ultra Large Cups
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Searching for bras originally brought us to the original BEArchive close to 20 yrs ago so I figured it was only appropriate to do a post on our recent bra search.

For those who don't know me, I'm a disabled vet & when I had to stop working in 1995 & my wife became the our sole source for income. At that time it was very difficult to find her bras that remotely fit & until we came across Colesce Couture, she'd never had a properly fitting bra since she was a teen. I was home during the day, so it fell to me to find her a bra. The new source was the Internet, but at that time, you couldn't buy things on the 'Net, but it found me the phone numbers I needed to call. Many of the sellers thought I was just a perve at first until I explained our situation. I became quite versed in bra fitting & sizing & the pitfalls of finding bras for breasts well past DDD.

Now for the new search. I had to find new bras. We had bought up the last remaining 36LLs from Colesce Couture in the U.S.  & she made them last several years. But Jenunique, who bought Colesce Couture, had since gone out of the business & the new company who bought the design has completely screwed it up. We tried several, but they didn't come close to fitting her & were uncomfortable as hell.

I've spent several months searching for bras that would fit. She's slowly lost weight the past several years & that made things a bit easier. Her overbust measurement was now 54" & her underbust was 39". Most bra makers stop making sizes just below her needs, but two sites stood out.

A search on Bare Necessities yielded 19 different bras styles....


which just blew us away! She's never had the option of really choosing. Usually it came down to one or two styles in a couple colors. She ended up choosing the Goddess Audrey Wire-Free Bra in 40N to begin with. It's comfortable, suitable for her work & amazingly affordable at $50. Her last bras we bought ran between $95 & $125 each. She just ordered 4 more in addition to the first trial order.

Bare Necessities has great instructions for measuring & a great return/exchange process. Using their instructions we nailed the band & cup on the first try.

The other site that just floored us was Levana Bratique:


Not only did they have her size, but they went well beyond her cup size to a 40S--5 cup sizes bigger in certain styles & up to a 34V in a smaller band. Wow! That's a 22" difference between over bust & band. They are more expensive, but for ladies with super large breasts this place is a godsend.

I did a search using both the forum search engine & Google search confined to bearchive.com & didn't find Levana mentioned anywhere so I thought I'd do this post.

Good luck on finding what you need! We didn't need to order from Levana, but if you do, please post your experience here!
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Re: Ultra Large Cups
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Wow, CPD! I think you've hit the mother lode! Like the real-life Joan Shaw* bra shop! :)

* from "The Breastacular World of Richard King" series by DDDave
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Re: Ultra Large Cups
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Hold on, does this shit actually exist? Has anyone ever seen or even heard of a girl with 34V titties?