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Amazing laundrymat sighting - yet sadly no picture
« on: July 08, 2008, 02:36:44 PM »
Usually I'm not a fan of "sighting" posts that don't have accompanying pictures, but I need to relate this to someone.

Last night, at the laundrymat, I was fortunate enough to spot one of the best slim and stacked bodies I have ever seen.  She came in soon after I did.  With her boyfriend (boo!).  She was in her early 20s (maybe late teens), long brown hair, very pretty face.  Because of the angle she was at, I didn't notice her ginormous boobs at first... instead I noticed her slim smooth tanned legs (she was wearing tiny little grey sweat-shorts).  When she turned a bit and I saw her spectacular bosom, I nearly yelled in alarm.  I'm sure my mouth fell open.  She had a one in a million body... really slim and fit, with very large full breasts.  Definitely bigger than a D cup.  I'm going to be conservative here and go with a 34DD or 32DD, although it is certainly possible she is bigger.  

She was wearing a lowcut white shirt (tanktop?), with a striped blue shirt over it that had buttons halfway down the front; nearly all of the buttons were undone, so you could see a lot of cleavage.  And remember, this is at the laundrymat, so she kept bending over to remove clothes from washing machines.  They were definitely natural, as I could see them jiggle and wobble as she moved around.  It was amazing.

So now the bad part.  I had my cell phone with me.  My cell phone has a camera.  So where are the pics?  If there was any time I wanted to risk snapping a cell phone pic, it was to capture this beauty.  

But alas my fellow boob-lovers, I couldn't take a picture.  Her boyfriend was a complete boob-viewing-blocker.  He was a wannabe gangster douchebag type: flat brimmed hat, silly little trimmed beard-line, you probably know the type.  And he was really possessive... she couldn't even walk across the laundrymat without him following and glaring down other guys (including me).  After I got a couple really hostile looks from the douchebag, I decided risking a cell phone pic probably wasn't worth it (I'm a small guy and not very good at the fisticuffs).  I doubt I could have managed to snap a picture without him noticing.  He was all over her.  I've never seen someone so outwardly jealous and challenging, although with her amazing body I'm sure guys stare everywhere they go.

So I'm disappointed, but happy I got to glimpse this creature in the flesh, even though it was brief.  I'd say it took me a good two hours to cool down after my sighting... I'm that much of a pervert/boob fan.  Thanks for reading!