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Huge list of female pornstars

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St Stephan:
You'll find what seems to me an extremely complete list of female pornstars at http://www.bgafd.co.uk/girls/a/indexa.shtml
Just a list, no pictures except a few ID photos, with information on their output.  It may have some facts of interest - such as Cindy Fulsome's "normal", i.e. latex-free name: Hannah Turlington.*

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That IS quite an extensive list... thanks. My contribution: Dixie Dynamite is Leanna Fox... admitedly not as esoteric as Cindy but in the same genre.

If you are looking for BRITISH girls - yes, it is phenomenal


Thanks for the link...is great!  

Hi St. Stephan;

I can't seem to find the links to the "un-latexed" versions of the actors (women) who portrayed Cindy Fulsom, Zena Fulsom or Mandy Mountjoy.

If possible, could you please post a picture of each available in the natural state?

Many thanks in advance.


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