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An outing with a sighting
« on: June 17, 2001, 07:45:00 AM »
My family and I packed up the car for a visit with my sister and her family to watch a ballooning rally. (Not too many thrills there, watching the balloons lift off, but the 4 year old seem to enjoy it) Along the way my wife pulls over at a cheese shop barely bigger than the reach-in cooler it housed. My wife asked if I had any cash on me, so I'd figured I was going to go in alone to buy the fresh curds. I opened the door and 15 feet straight back was the rear of the store, where I found the cash register. On the way past the reach-in, I grabbed a bag of cheese curds and headed for the cashier. I didn't notice her size at first, (she had her back turned) but when she spun around I caught full view of her delightfully full bosom! Blonde hair, 5'6", a little pudgy, she could've passed for Sara Mercury, only skinnier. Her breasts however, appeared just as heavy and soft, hanging down to her beltline. "Will that be all?" she asked. "I guess" I replied as I turned to exit the store and unexpectedly bumped into my wife. I had my camera with me and would've asked to take a "tourist photograph" had my wife not been there to usher me out.  
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