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More Deadly Weapons?
« on: May 21, 2003, 09:45:49 AM »
I've just bought The Doris Wishman Collection Volume One (Deadly Weapons & Double Agent 73) on DVD starring the incomparable Chesty Morgan.

On the back cover it seems to get a bit confused but it says:-

"Polish-born stripper Chesty Morgan showcased her 73" bust in this first of two expolitation films for cult director Doris Wishman. As Agent 73, a character first introduced in Wishman's The Immoral Three, Morgan smothers criminals to death with her gigantic breasts."

A previous outing for Chesty's character (Although presumably played by someone else) - The Immoral Three?

I was intrigued & began a search on the net for this film, apparently made in 1972, 1975 or 1976 (Depending who you believe):-

"A tempting trio of illegitimate sisters must avenge their mother's murder within one year to collect a million bucks each. But, as usual, where there's big money, there's big trouble. Double-crossing, triple-crossing and plenty of undressing ensues in Doris Wishman's action-packed "guns 'n' hooters" classic. I won't give away the ending, but…everybody gets killed. Sorry."

"A tempting trio of illegitimately-born sisters have one year to avenge their mother's murder and claim a $3,000,000 inheritance in softcore filmmaker Doris Wishman's action-packed, sex-soaked saga. Cindi Boudreau, Sandra Kay star. AKA: "Hotter than Hell.""

"This film didn't do as well as "Weapons" but had enough to make Wishman write and direct "The Immoral Three" Though unfortunatly Chesty didn't star in this film ,in the begining of the flim there's a scene with some actress that's a bad double of Chesty with half the boob size. This film introduces Janes three daughters we never knew she had...these three girls are like Charlies Angles on acid. In this film Janes daughters seek out revenge on their mother's killers. When watching "The immoral three" all i could think of, where was Chesty!!! "Immortal Three" does not compare to "Deadly Weapons" and "Double Agent 73", but is worth a view as well.."

"In a "sequel", three sisters are unknowingly reunited when their mother Jane (Double Agent 73) is **57** to death. The women were completely unaware of each other until Jane's long-time friend and executor of the will Mr. Ericson tells them how their mother had each of them and why they were separated. Jane's estate was left to all three girls (unless one or two or three die,) and to collect their inheritance they must avenge their mother's death within one year's time. Otherwise the loot goes to Mr. Ericson. The three sexy babes are forced to solve the murder when their lives are threatened, and they'll get to know a whole lot about each other in the adventure to corne! A true exercise in "anti-acting!" Directed by Doris Wishman."

"The Immoral Three (1975)
Directed by Doris Wishman. Written by Robert Jahn and Judy J. Kushner. Produced by DW (as Louis Silverman). Cinematography: C. Davis Smith. Featuring: Cindi Boudreau, Sandra Kay, Michele Marie, Robert S. Barba, Frank Silvano, A.D. Irwin, Joe Saverio, Roger Caine (as Al Levitsky), Ed Marshall, Levi Richards, John Navarre, D.H. Jackson, W. Scott Andrews, Brad Gorman, Arthur J. Harris, Jane Tournay. Also known as Hotter than Hell. Color. Juri Productions/ JER Pictures Inc. (2)

Agent 73 (played not by Chesty Morgan, but by Tournay) is **57** right after the credits. Her three beautiful daughters — Sandy, Ginny and Nancy — attend her funeral and then spring into pre-Charlie Angels action as they seek revenge and try to get their 3 million dollar inheritance. Well they don't seem to be in a big hurry to seek revenge as they all seem to enjoy teasing men or trying on fashions. Eventually some people get killed and the killers are brought to justice. A loud, garish '70s feel permeates the entire film from the weird camera angles, fashions, and platform shoes to the (now familiar to Wishman fans) use of ashtrays and goblets to off people with. From the advertisements: "They love... They kill... There's nothing they wouldn't do!""

"Immoral Three, The
Directed By: Doris Wishman
Starring: Cindy Boudreau, Sandra Kay, Michele Marie, Robert S. Barba, Joe Saverio
Forget Charlie's Angels! If you're looking for stylish 70's chicks kicking major ass, The Immoral Three is the real bra-less deal! "They Love! They Kill! There's Nothing They Wouldn't Do!" screams the ad line for this alleged "sequel" to Double Agent 73. But if you haven't seen the original, don't fret - this film has nothing to do with it. Aside from the fact that she's played by someone who bears no resemblance to Chesty Morgan, Double Agent 73, a.k.a. Jane Tournay, is **57** to death right after the opening credits. Once you've seen the introductory montage - see Jane **82** with men in Moscow and Munich, slip them mickeys, and stab them with pitchforks! - you're completely caught up and ready to follow the adventures of her three daughters - Sandy, Ginny, and Nancy - as they attempt to avenge her death and collect their three million dollar inheritance. But our heroines are not particularly vengeful. On her first trip out to find her mother's killer, Ginny meets a young stud and proceeds to get so sloppy **92** that she not only spills her guts, she goes into an extended dance/strip tease in his living room! Luckily, the gentleman in question is not only friendly, but claims to know who killed Mom. Sadly, just as he's about to announce the killer's name, a hand comes out of the closet and slits his throat, **77** Ginny to quickly split. After having sex with a stranger in an elevator, Ginny then goes on to confront another possible suspect in Las Vegas, who helpfully tells her, "Your mother was nothing but a whore!" Incensed, Ginny throws a drink in his face and promptly falls out of her platform shoe. In the ensuing wrestling match, she manages to stab the man in the head with a goblet, and finally clock him with an ashtray. She tearfully calls Nancy, who soothes her by saying, "Well, we always knew that one of us would have to commit murder." "Yes," sobs Ginny, "but I'm not even sure it was the right guy!" Meanwhile, sister Sandy, who can't be bothered tracking down the killer, sits around sucking provocatively on bananas and harassing the hired help. Nancy, on the other hand, changes into a variety of Diane Von Furstenberg knock-offs, wrestles a grabby ex-beau of her mother's, and finally gets killed and strung up in the shower. In the end, the words on Sandy's rhinestone-studded belt buckle seem to sum it up nicely: "Oh Shit..." The Immoral Three is another whacked job by director DORIS WISHMAN. Fans of Bad Girls Go to Hell and Another Day, Another Man will be glad to see the Wishman trademarks - bizarre camera angles, violent wrestling sequences, and plenty of lolling around in half-off negligees - are here in full force, and stylishly updated for the swingin' 70's with lurid color and judicious use of a fisheye lens. Surreal! From the 35mm naughty-girls negative. -Janet Harvey, Jungle Girl Studios
Year: 1975 Tint: color"

Well, it turns out to be a sequel rather than a prequel and Chesty's replacement doesn't last long in the film. Still it might be interesting...

Has anyone seen the film & able to make any comments. Is it worth seeing?
I am Albert Brennerman.