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Re: MERGED: The Politics Thread
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There are several strikes against Kavanaugh, having a list of 65 people prepare beforehand against these allegation ahead of time, and the blocking of most of his record of performance as a judge. Then there is this mad rush to push him thru with only 13 hours to even examine the record that they did put out before the hearing. All of this highly irregular for any confirmation ever put forth in our govt.

This victim's story is just the icing on the turd cake that is this nomination. The Republicans' mad dash to force his nomination through, even with all of these other, more recently-documented red flags, is a dereliction of duty on their part. They're trying to get a "win" for their "side", while decimating everyone else. A lifetime appointment should be taken seriously, and not done like this. And this is not a partisan sentiment on my part either. If Chuck Schumer had been the one to prevent the nomination process of a Republican president's SCOTUS pick the way Mitch McConnell did to Merrick Garland, I would have been equally up-in-arms about it.
"When your city is French in origin, and your Mayor and Governor are Democrats, and those most affected by this natural disaster are Black, don't expect much help from Bush." -- Left of Y'all (and the link works now too! )