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Well that could be because what posted about her in the old forum is true. From what he said, she was bought(!!!)   out of an orphanage for the specific purpose of making adult material



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Re: Yulia Nova MASTER thread MERGED
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Hi all,

First, a big thanks is in order for Tom Taylor for his detailed post in this thread. I very much enjoyed reading it.

It seems that not only is beauty in the eye of the beholder (I think we can all agree on this), but how we interpret a model's attitude in front of the camera will vary from person to person as well.

In the moments when I see Julia not being comfortable, there seems to be a communication problem in what the cameramen want her to do, and where they want her to pose. If these clips are from Japan, this would make sense. As has been mentioned earlier, the camera work on a couple of these clips is horrendous. All in all, not a professional job at all. This isn't Julia's fault. Also, (*news flash*): Julia is only 18 years old! Perhaps she's the only female in the room (and naked, at that) with a handful of men. Let's just stretch our minds a bit, and wonder if maybe, just maybe, *she's not all that comfortable* being in a situation like this for the first time. I think she handles it well. I've seen a bunch of models acting more self-conscious than Julia.

JJ, you're a buddy of mine, and I'll always respect your opinions, but are breasts being somewhat droopy a bad thing if they're as full and ripe as Julia's? Anyone reading this, take another look at the pic JustMeMike put up on this thread, and see what you think. Julia's breasts are pretty awesome in my book.


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MilkMan{at}BiggerBreasts.OrgHello RoWe ... please could you confirm the contents of your Yahoo! Briefcase?  Whenever I go to that URL it says "This folder is currently empty"  



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Re: Yulia Nova MASTER thread MERGED
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Hey MilkMan,

at first sign in to Yahoo,then copy&paste the's not empty.
  Sorry, but today "Account Bandwidth Exceeded" because the lovely Yulia Nova

- sawatdee -


Tom Taylor

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Re: Yulia Nova MASTER thread MERGED
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Hi again,
RobertaFan I'm glad you enjoyed my Yulia report. I
am happy to announce my [Yulia NOVA Tit Comparison Page]


Let's compare her breasts to other big natural
models' and discuss them.
No offence intended, JJ. Her tits are certainly
droopy, but not for her size. If you have a look
at other big naturals of her age you will find her
to be exceptionally firm and bouncy. Hanging,
sagging, sloshing is the hallmarks real breast
tissue. If you find this aesthetically
objectionable, then this is a matter of taste. But
the hard fact remains, that every real tit above a
certain size (about D), no matter how firm, will
invariably start to sag.
Personally I adore this. I love my breast big,
soft as nature gave them to us. I think there is
enough non-biodegradable plastic in this world.

I would agree that she fails to exude sensuality.
I mean, she is just a kid. Sex is easy, erotic is
hard. I dare to doubt, that she is not interested
in what she is doing. After all she is not
stacking shelves, she is exposing her stacked
It's not easy to take your clothes off for an
audience. I never did it, but you have to
experience the high-strung tension of a nude
drawing class. Yulia is doing it for the money
(and plenty, I naively hope). But even if she
never made much of her tits she is aware why she
is being filmed and fussed over. (Probably she
even hated her tits because she was taunted with
them at school. This is the subject of Blue Eyes.)
She will learn to regard them as assets (cash
udders), start to love them and enjoy exposing
them. (Believe me, she's got that inside her...)

When Chloe was 18 and still known as Irene Fischer
she posed for her first glamour photos. She
confesses to have been so nervous; that her lips
were shaking so much that she couldn't smile.
(Source: Best of SCORE, Vol.1, No. 1 (1993)) Well,
Yulia is 18 too and she smiles a lot...
There is no woman who can't help but take her
clothes off. (Or she is a very sorry specimen in
urgent need of professional help.) BUT, thank God,
women are hard-wired to tease, to arouse enough
interest to take their pick among the contenders.
The art of the tease is really not a given, but an
art. It depends on many subtle influences,
contrast for instance. What is more erotic: A
cool, beautiful lady whom you desired secretly for
a long time, suddenly, in mid-sentence, hitches up
her skirt, sheds her knickers, turns, bends over
and presents her wet cunt. (Wet, all the time the
slut acted calm and aloof.)

Take a break here.

Or a plastic-stuffed chick moaning while chewing
the gum and thinking about her shopping list.

I will tell you something erotic: A girl, who
tries to make ends meet and wants to start her
studies at the university of Moscow, is approached
by a sleazy small-time thug and part-time
trafficker in porn, specialised in what he
cheekily calls "artistic photography."  At first
she is horrified: "Why me, I am a decent girl." He
points out her beauty and other natural charms.
The money is to good to decline. But she makes it
abundantly clear, that she will only do harmless
cheesecake stuff, classic glamour poses, like
Greek goddesses in the museum, you know, Aphrodite
She meets the crew in an upper class hotel and
reluctantly strips in the bath. They don't appear
to be very professional. They fumble with the
equipment shouting njet, njet and da, da, da. But
she has already pocketed half of her money up
front, so she steps in front of her audience
-naked. She fights the urge to cover her breasts
and pubis with her hands like that, what's her
name, Boticelli-girl. She refrains from it, mainly
because it would be utterly futile to even try to
cover her breast with a hand, an arm or both, for
that matter.
After a brief interim of universal speechlessness,
they burst in even more frenzied action. While
they happily snap and flash and swap cassettes,
she gradually becomes more relaxed. She poses ever
which way and starts to understand a thing: Not
she is the victim here. The guys are putty as long
as she gives them what they want. She feels
herself glowing from inside, feels her enormous
bosom, heavy, expanding.
The sweating, panting director-guy asks her to
kneel on the bed and tease her hair up. She
dutifully, smilingly obliges. The camcorder-guy
crawls around her. Suddenly, following an impulse,
she lets herself drop forward. She goes on all
fours, raises her firm little ass, smiles back at
the camera and feels her breasts shaking - free...

See ya, TT



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Re: Yulia Nova MASTER thread MERGED
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I signed onto Yahoo! Clubs today to find out that yet another adult club had been deleted, that (sniffle) Shrine to Julia (sniffle) Nova.  Its backup club had been deleted as well.  It was sometime in the last 24 hours (1:46AM EST right now), because last night this time, it was still on my club list, and tonight, it's still turning up when you search it, only to find a dead end.  I (sniffle) I can't find words for how profoundly moving her beauty is, as well as her (sniffle, whimper, sniff) BOOBS!!!! (cries ceaselessly) Where has she gone to?  Where will I find her now?  Oh horrors...  (sniffle)  

(Perhaps she deserves her own section in's every bit TW Girl, much more in my opinion)



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Re: Yulia Nova MASTER thread MERGED
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ok, i think i'll to like for pjoenix club , i'll create one myself , i think everyone perfer this kind of club in the possesion of a bea members lol

the new adress is now :

Re: Yulia Nova MASTER thread MERGED
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I think it may have been moved here:


Tom Taylor

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Re: Yulia Nova MASTER thread MERGED
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The Venerable Mr. Taylor,

Many thanks for sounding the bull horn on new Yulia sightings........those five pics are astounding, especially (for me) the fourth. Second pic is staggering, as well.

Too bad my Russian is very rusty.....I'd love to translate the page! Perhaps interesting info on when we may see new material of the precious lovely.....




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Re: Yulia Nova MASTER thread MERGED
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I just wonder if they ever plan on selling the vids to other countries. Better yet let someone like Score get a hold of her for the mag and some good uncensored vids...  
She should make one of them stolen home videos.

Re: Yulia Nova MASTER thread MERGED
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RobertaFan, the page is actually in Japanese, and you can read it by going to babelfish and pasting the url into the right spot, and then picking "Japanese to English".

They're taking reservations for a limited edition hardcover picture book of Ms. Nova, which unfortunately is not available outside Japan, though they're looking into it.

Anyway, you're aware of all the pictures of her at
tokyo topless, right? At the bottom, after it's fully loaded.

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Re: Yulia Nova MASTER thread MERGED
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Whoa. Sounds like a definite request for Jlist to get a hold of...
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Re: Yulia Nova MASTER thread MERGED
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I've been in touch with Peter at J-list, and well, it looks promising. Here is a transcript of our correspondence:
According to Tokyo Topless, videos of rising star Yulia Nova are only
available overseas. Is their any chance that you could make her videos
available to us in the United States?  I would also like to inquire about the
works of Wotaru Watanabe. The artist had done some D-cup work in the past and
a search of the website resulted with nothing. Will there be or is there
anything currently carried by j-list that has the artists work? Am I spelling
the name correctly?  Thank you for your time and consideration.


Hmm, unfortunately we're only able to get stuff from inside Japan, although
I'm interested. I actually haven't heard of her, do you have a URL?

Here is one...
I hope this helps.


Interesting. If we see anything from inside Japan, we'll get it. I didn't
know she was Russian.


He sounds a little disappointed in the fact that Yulia is Russian   But he did promise to keep his eyes open. I will definitely let you know if J-list makes them available to us.

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Re: Yulia Nova MASTER thread MERGED
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maybe Shadowcom can get a copy for us. Or maybe Dr.Bust or JS in Germany. Or maybe there's a copy floating around in the UK that Al the Editor can get for me. Maybe his excellency St. Stephan can find one.

This is JustMeMike (wishing and hoping)