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I'm looking for all the Milena Velba morphs I can find. I tried checking a morph site I frequent but the section that was made specifically for her morphs isn't working anymore. Can anyone help me? And thank you ahead of time.

Actually I just found some specific pics I'm looking for morphs of. I know for a fact there's a morph of the last one, but I'm not sure about the others.

Edited by mod: to remove unmorphed prohibited content. PLEASE READ the site rules (tab at top of page) that you ALREADY agreed to abide by as a condition of your registration here, and obey them. Thanks.

I'm sorry I thought that I could post material if I were looking for or to have it morphed. my bad.

Pal replies: you CAN post material when asking for a morph, but not if that material is explicitly prohibited by your User Agreement, such as 'unmorphed Daktari Lorenz content' which generally includes (almost) all images of Milena Velba (with very few, usually candid/non-studio exceptions). PLEASE ***READ*** your User Agreement (also available under the "RULES" tab near the top of forum pages) so that you understand the BEA Owner's policies including those related to prohibited content, the "1-1-1" rule, etc... Your participation IS welcome here (and there are LOTS of Milena fans here too, just like you) but we need you to abide by the terms of the User Agreement just like everyone else. Thanks. :)


Awwww. he made a mistake and since he is just eager for a morph of this spectacular lady I did one for him.  ;)

Mad Dawg:
*scratches head* ya know morphing Milena, I don't really see any difference.

Hi Fireheartthunder, please have a look at my galleries, there are dozen of Milena's morphs, hope you'll like them  :)
Here are another one for you


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