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::I figure as I'm doing this freelance it should fall under the guidelines correctly. Apologies if it does not::

I am your go-to guy for all of your web and graphic design needs. I can work with any budget to tailor a site that will suit your needs! No job too big or too small! I've been freelancing for 7+ years and working professionally for 5+. Let me give your site the zing it needs to draw in the customers.

Already have a site and need it maintained? I do that too! I offer both Flash and HTML sites (pricing varies) to give you the most variety! I also offer competitive rates on hosting and domain registration. Only $50 for a year!

I've worked with both local and national businesses so I know how important your business is on any level.

Here's what I work with:











A portfolio of my work can be found at: http://www.ryanborella.com

Great for artists and musicians who want to showcase their work without breaking the bank!

Contact me right away to get started today! Be sure to include your name, a brief project description, your budget, and the time frame for the project and we can go from there! Remember, consultation is always free. Let's talk about what you want!
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Re: Creative, Affordable Freelance Graphic and Web Designer for Hire
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I do not know how I have missed this post all this time... but just wanted to wish Mr.Eff and all a great new year.
(just a few weeks late)

By the way the web site design does look nice!

It is always interesting to see the body of work that a website designer has - sometimes there is an odd parallel with their personality and life experiences and other times not.
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