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Sightings: NHRA Fram Autolite Nationals
« on: August 03, 2003, 09:18:12 AM »
There are very few things better to bring out women in tight shirts than the sun in California.

One of those things seems to be professional drag racing.  

For the unknowing... drag racing is pretty simple - two cars race each other down a short track... the first to hit the finish line (after adjustments for reaction time) wins.  The professional classes have cars that hit 300+ miles per hour for the quarter mile.  The drivers are INSANE.  

It's a very open sport... unlike most other forms of auto racing, the pit area is open entirely to the public.  The drivers are readily available for autographs or just plain random talking.  It's not uncommon to see them just walking about.

This particular event is occuring this weekend at the Sears Point Raceway... I'm sorry, the Infineon Sears Point Raceway.  Whatever.  I've been going there since I was an infant, it'll ALWAYS be Sears Point to me.  

Today's weather was perfect: low to mid 80s and a good cooling breeze.  

It was literally sighting a minute.  Everywhere you look, there's almost always going to be at LEAST one pair of bouncing beauties... the women are of all builds and ages, of all races and creeds.  From t-shirts to tank tops to the odd corset and trencoat (I shit you not)...

Had my digital camera decided NOT to be a pain, I could have shot some decent pics... I'm going to end up having to invest in a good, small digital camcorder for next year's trip.  While I personally wouldn't mind "getting caught," those I travel with would not be so understanding.

A few particular examples stand out in my mind.

The first I'll recall here is indeed the first sighting of the day.  My group was taking a shuttle bus from the parking lot to another shuttle, when a young, tall, voluptuous (sp, bah), dark haired girl came bouncing up, praying that the bus was going back towards another parking lot.  As it happened, it was.  And other than my group, it was totally empty.

So she hopped aboard.  And sat next to me.

Now, I'm not the most outgoing guy in the universe.  Nor am I one to stare.  It took every ounce of will in my entire body not to be rude.  I just shut up and looked straight ahead.

Not that I didn't get a good look at her.  What would be a sighting without?  Okay, you got the tall and busty bits down.  Dark hair, fair complexion, and a cute but nondescript face.  She had a few good extra pounds on her, and it only added to the overall effect.  The bra she had on was enough to properly support her cantaloupe-sized breasts, but it wasn't enough to keep them from shaking and quaking when, say, running at speed to a car and back to fetch forgotten tickets.

There are very few other times in my life that I've ever wished for a camcorder.

The second sighting of memory is one that ran on throughout the day.  Or rather, two.  Er... four.  I suppose.

Two slightly older (30s/40s), tanned, blonde women enjoyed hanging out with the folks near the Don Prudhomme trailers and folks (Dixon/Johnson/Capps).  Judging from the hugs provided to crew members, they're frequent visitors, so they may well be back tomorrow.  Tickets are only $45, and parking is free.  

Both were in generally identical getups - skin-tight form-fitting white tops (complete with glittery writing stretching over the breasts), and even more form fitting short black shorts.  

There was much speculation between like minded folk as to whether they were real or not... both women were in the DD/E range, which is large by "normal standards."  Both pairs were rather high up on the chest when considering the apparent age of the women involed.  On such thin women, such features really do stand out.  

Yes, I realize that these descriptions are somewhat lacking.  I'm a technical minded writer.  Oh, for the grace of Craig Mercer!

There are also a set of three very obviously fake sets that hang out selling tobacco propoganda.  They'll take photos with you if you happen to be willing to subject yourself to the torture.  Of the propodanga, not the breasts.  What are you thinking, man?  (The women themselves are rather unspectacular... overdone makeup, outrageous hair, and the like.  The implants on two of them are very poorly done... very obvious... one of them had to have been completely flat before to get that sort of effect...)

The third and final particular sighting I'll write about this evening almost could have been much more than a bland description.

Amongst a group of people dressed in mostly black, there was a single very short young woman of distracting porportions, easily in the DD/E/F/etc range.  She wouldn't have stood out at all thanks to her generic skin-tight black tanktop... had not one of the taller members of the group taken something of hers and held it for ransom.  Above his head.  Causing her to stretch and jump up to get it.  Repeatedly.  

I once again cursed the lack of camcorder and quickly fired up my digital camera, as I was alone... but by the time the stupid thing turned on, the group of friends had moved far too far ahead of me to get anything worth a picture.


Unfortunately, I won't be returning tomorrow, as other things will take up my time back here in the bay area.  

The money paid is well worth it... let's face it, guys.  Multiple forms of entertainment.  Fast cars, beautiful women, and hundreds of possible sightings.  What reason is there NOT to go?

There are only a few events left in the season... catch the sightings as you can!  



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Re: Sightings: NHRA Fram Autolite Nationals
« Reply #1 on: August 03, 2003, 07:19:29 PM »
So Californ-i-a hey   , does one make a left at New York or is it straight ahead and keep going    

Seriously though U gotta get that camera sorted n ready for action - especially when you start talking about females in tight shirts   sounds like you had a good time.
Went to the link you posted and downloaded some awesome pix of Dragsters - I love dem funny cars n custom bikes etc oh and big boobies - but I did'nt see too many of them on that site - pity.  



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Re: Sightings: NHRA Fram Autolite Nationals
« Reply #2 on: August 03, 2003, 07:55:48 PM »
Is Drag Racing where the drivers all dress up like girls before the race?  lol  



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Re: Sightings: NHRA Fram Autolite Nationals
« Reply #3 on: August 03, 2003, 08:55:25 PM »

Is Drag Racing where the drivers all dress up like girls before the race?  lol  

Only in San Francisco!  OK, I couldn't resist - It's an old Robin Williams joke.

He was talking about seeing a "drag race" in SF; the audience was thinking of a car race of course.  Then he went on to describe two men in mini skirts running down the sidewalk in heels.
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