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Due to popular and ongoing demand, we've created this separate Morph Request (MR) forum for all morph requests. Now, users requesting morphs of their images and the talented morphers in our community can gather here to conduct the business at hand. Please remember that in this forum, like all others at the BEA, everything you post must conform to both the RULES and FAQ:

BEA Rules: http://forum.bearchive.com/index.php?action=rules
BEA FAQ: http://forum.bearchive.com/index.php/topic,9987229.0.html

A couple of guidelines for morph requests:

All morph requests of a single subject can only be posted to the same thread.
I.e.: you may NOT create multiple MR threads all about the same subject, as that would be unfair to other users and would violate the BEA Owner's 1-1-1 rule.

Attach your morph request image to your post w/the forum attachment feature.
Links to external sources expire and the images get deleted... that renders your request null and void here and leaves us with a 'dead' MR thread cluttering the forum. So please, as we do in the ID Request forum, attach a nice decent-resolution image to your request. For more on what makes a good image to morph, please see Fuzzy's thread here: http://forum.bearchive.com/index.php/topic,369124.0.html

Please give your thread a unique and descriptive thread title.
Just naming the thread 'Morph Request' or something generic like that makes it hard to differentiate it from hundreds of other threads with the same exact name. Remember, you're asking our talented morphers to give you their time and effort... for free! ...so the least you can do is take a few seconds to compose an appropriate thread title, right? That'll make it easier for them (they're often working on multiple requests each day) and for other users too (to find/remember/refer to). So please, as a title, try to include the name of the subject (if you can... a first name only is fine and far better than none at all) or description or something to tell it apart from all the other requests.
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