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This forum is not read by BEA staff on a regular basis... only forum moderators and other users read and post here so making a post here about something that REQUIRES attention from BEA staff: a Customer Care person or a System Administrator ...is essentially pointless. SO, if you want to report anything like that, including:

Bugs or glitches in the GUI/software/database that runs the forum, user/member/other galleries, the Addventure, BE Comic/Story Club, Giantess Comic/Story Club or any part of any of the paysites...

Sluggish/unresponsive page loads or links, missing images, etc... in any part of the BEA...

Access problems of any kind: logging in with a user account, receiving email notifications, or editing/uploading to a gallery...

Issues relating to your membership in the paysites, billing issues, etc...

...then you MUST INFORM CUSTOMER CARE DIRECTLY by clicking on the CUSTOMER CARE link in the tab bar at the top/right side of every forum page. That will take you to a form where you can report your problem/concern/question.

Forum mods can't really do anything to help with or fix any of the above sorts of issues. We're not BEA staff, don't have admin access and can't prioritize resources in any way. However, we ARE responsible for any and all issues related to the policies/rules that govern the way the forum is run, so if you have an issue related to anything outlined in either the:

BEA User Agreement (the forum 'Rules'): http://forum.bearchive.com/index.php?action=rules
BEA Forum FAQ: http://forum.bearchive.com/index.php/topic,9987229.0.html

...then you SHOULD CONTACT a MODERATOR DIRECTLY by either using the 'Report to moderator' link that appears in the lower/right-hand corner of every single post if your concern relates to that specific post (say a rule violation). However, if you want to contact a moderator about a general issue related to the Rules, FAQ or some other forum concern, then you can simply send a Private Message (PM) to any moderator just as you would to any other user: by clicking on the username and choose the 'Send Personal Message' link from the 'Actions' section at the left side of the screen.

We find it necessary to reiterate this distinction (between what must be reported to Customer Care and what other things are dealt with by forum mods) due to the recent spate of Customer Care/admin-type posts that have been made lately (since the server switch resulted in numerous glitches).

PLEASE HELP THE BEA ADDRESS YOUR CONCERNS by directing them to the right people.

Thanks! :) -BEA Forum Moderators
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