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...so that your request will still be meaningful after any links you post go dead.

Pal adds: this policy has been in effect since July 2013 and as of next month (July 2014) users who fail to attach a still image with their ID request will have a violation logged against them. Of course, this only applies where an image is available (you should cap a still from a video and attach it for example) ...if your ID request only has a textual description, of course that's not a violation. Thanks. :)
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The forum Rules still apply in the IDQ Forum:

When you post an ID request, you must first be sure that the image you're posting complies with the site Rules: http://forum.bearchive.com/index.php?action=rules including the various model/source prohibitions. I.e.: you MUST rule out the possibility that your IDQ subject is prohibited BEFORE you post it since you'll be held responsible for the content of an IDQ post just like any other post you make. So: use GRIS and stay up-to-date on the Rules please.

"SOLVED" threads:

After an ID Request has been solved, it's title will be edited and it will be moved to the "Model ID Requests: SOLVED" sub-forum here: http://forum.bearchive.com/index.php/board,23.0.html These threads can still be searched, replied to, etc...

"BROKEN" threads:

If an ID Request can no longer be solved due to a missing image and/or broken external link, it will be moved to the "Model ID Requests: BROKEN" sub-forum here: http://forum.bearchive.com/index.php/board,24.0.html

Attaching an image to help make your requests last longer:

Effective July 2013, all ID Requests MUST include an attached image if one is available. If you want to include a video link, that's fine, but you MUST also ATTACH a still frame to future-proof your post from "dying" if/when the external link expires. If you don't know how to cap an image from your screen, here's a simple how-to for doing so in Windows, MacOS and Linux: http://forum.bearchive.com/index.php/topic,9990944.msg10269666.html#msg10269666

Using GRIS (Google Reverse Image Search) and other search engines to help ID your request:

With a bit of sleuthing, you can often ID a subject by running the image through http://www.tineye.com/ or http://images.google.com/ ...these are reverse image search engines and if they find a match, you can follow the link(s) to try to come up with a name. GonZo created a good simple guide to GRIS here: http://forum.bearchive.com/index.php/topic,9990530.0.html


It's OK to bump an IDQ post, but like MR posts (Morph Requests) please wait a week. If you have more pix of your subject, adding them w/your bump will often improve the chances of getting an ID.

Generally, use a separate thread for each subject you wish to ID:

Not a rule per se, but unless you're going to post IDQs constantly and want to keep track of lots of different unknown subjects, it's always best to use a separate thread for each subject you're asking about. That way, there's no confusion about which ID goes with which pic, and solved threads can be moved to the solved sub-forum w/o having to chop threads into pieces.

Include all relevant clues with your ID request:

Any additional info you might have could be the difference between getting your subject IDed or not. So please leave the original filename intact; if you know anything at all about the image such as where it came from, how old it is, etc... please include that info too.

Avoid generic "Who's this?" thread titles:

Remember, there are thousands of IDQ posts, and sometimes it takes months or years before they're solved. Thus, help others remember/recognize your post by being descriptive/specific: don't simply title your ID request "Who's this?" ...there are already hundreds of threads called that. Instead, help others by being creative with a thread title that describes your subject, such as: "Short-haired brunette frolicking in pool" ...that way, months from now when someone finally recognizes her, they'll be able to find your thread more easily and provide the ID/solution.  

A catalog of commonly-requested models/subject is available:

We've been keeping a list (with photos) of some models/subjects who've been asked about repeatedly over the years. You might want to check it first before you post your IDQ just in case the question you're asking has already been answered. That thread is here: http://forum.bearchive.com/index.php/topic,429354.msg429354.html#msg429354
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