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If someone already wrote a thread like this, please just PM me a link and I'll combine them and pin it; we need a set of instructions like this so folks posting ID requests don't just use an external link to a video somewhere but at least/also include a still-frame as an image attachment (to future-proof their thread if the external link dies, as is now required by the rules). If you'd like to recommend other methods or third-party apps for making screen caps, please feel free. :)


MacOS (every version since Finder 1.1g released in 1984!):

Command-Shift-3: caps the entire desktop to an image file, which usually lands on your desktop
Command-Shift-4: same as above, but provides a selection rectangle, the contents of which are capped to a file  
Command-Shift-4, then spacebar: cursor turns into a camera icon; click on any window to cap only that window.
Applications>Other>Grab includes various other options, including timed captures, captures including cursor, etc. ~gonZo

There are also numerous small/free screen cap utilities which provide more features for making screen caps... just google.

Linux (most distributions):

There are numerous small programs for doing this, at least one or two are included with the default apps in most distros. In Mint atm, I'm using one called Screenshot, which allows capping the whole screen or the current window or a selected area, and gives the option of a delay timer too. You can add Screenshot (or one of the many comparable utilities) just by searching for it in the Software distribution center for your particular Linux.

Windows w/appreciation to user mgpuf:

Press the 'Print Screen' / 'PrtSc'  button near the top right of the keyboard. If it's a laptop, you may have to hold the function key if the button is shared with another function. Then simply open Microsoft paint by typing 'mspaint.exe' into the run dialog box of the start menu, and 'Ctrl+v' to paste it in. Then save the file as a JPEG.

There are also undoubtedly hundreds of little utility programs for this too... just google screen capture and install one.
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thanks.... that is what i was loooking for....



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