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combining poses
« on: July 13, 2015, 01:40:44 AM »
I'm not sure if this is acceptable.....but by morphing a picture, you have changed it's original content, and it appears that such a post is acceptable.  I have changed many things as I combined these poses.

I don't know how copyrights work, but my interpretation from reading the rules, is that if enough has changed perhaps it's acceptable.

So this is tantamount to "doodling" I suppose,  but I rather liked the juxtaposition here.    

It is my intent to follow the rules, If I goof up, I won't make the same mistake twice.

Mod edit to remove image containing unmorphed content owned by Daktari Lorenz in clear violation of your user agreement (the Owner's rules). No: simply making a collage containing two or more otherwise-unmorphed images that are, by themselves, not allowed at the BEA doesn't magically render them "safe" to post here. You didn't "change" the original images... you simply posted more than one at a time by putting them together and while that is OK per the 1-1-1 rule, it's not a workaround for the content prohibition.

The BEA Owner entered into an agreement with Daktari, promising him not to host ANY of Daktari's content here unless it's been morphed. You posting that image makes a liar out of the BEA Owner and creates legal liability for him and the BEA.

Please abide by the letter and spirit of the rules, which exist/are enforced only to protect this site and the community that depends on it. If you're "not sure something's acceptable" and/or have a question about the rules that you've already promised to abide by please PM any moderator and ask before you go ahead and post something that may place our forum at risk. Thank you. -Palomine
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