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Per our announcement in the pinned Rule Change and News thread here: http://forum.bearchive.com/index.php/topic,9982777.msg10342897.html#msg10342897 this new sub-forum of GF called General Discussion: Obsolete Threads is simply a storage place for us to move very old threads that have become of limited use due to the fact that the links to other sites/pages/pix they contain have all expired/died. And/or they're more-or-less moot now for some other reason: out-dated information, someone using forum posts instead of PMs, often to users now gone for years, etc...

Which is why we ask users to ATTACH pix to their posts: those attached files are kept safe on our server, so if the external source gets deleted or goes offline, the post still works.

Stuff in this new sub-forum will continue to come up in searches just like every other public post... we're not deleting these but rather just doing a little housekeeping in the GF to keep it neat and tidy. Thanks. :)
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Re: What the General Discussion Archive forum is for...
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