A Cup of Chili Ultra
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Before the upgrade or rebuild - Chili had a presence in BOTH the Free Site as well as the Member site.
The member site had most of the images (the BE Morphs etc) and a couple of dozen stories - all of which were found in the section called PE Stories.

But the link to Cup of Chili on the FREE SITE had more than a few hundred stories in various categories like Big Breasts, Breast Expansion and the usual PE stories. It was a true cornucopia of the best written porn ANYWHERE. Here, in the FREE section one could find all of the Richard X. Steele stories, Barrowclough, Up at the Big House, and literally most of the work written by Al-The Editor under his various nom-de-plumes.

Now the link on the Free Site to Cup of Chili has vanished as have the veritable feasts of stories.  I can see if the powers wanted to remove this from the free section. But, for some inexplicable reason these stories were not moved the Members section.

Am I wrong? Am I missing a link to these stories? May we have an explanation?

Hoping that either or both of you, Palomine or Gonzo, can reach out to the proper folks on the technical side and find out what happened. Thanks in advance.




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Re: A Cup of Chili Ultra
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I had noticed that as well.

I do recall a while back that a few of the stories were removed or heavily edited due to concerns regarding content and the ever-adjusting general BEA rules. I recall one story that contained instant pregnancy that implied that there were infants at some point - I understandably did not see it at my last pass... the title escapes me.

Anyway - apart from an eyeball burning brown text on orange background there were a good deal of interesting stories there. If anything due to the wide range of subjects and styles. It had lived in the free area for years.
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Re: A Cup of Chili Ultra
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Hey Mike and Nim,

As far as we know, the admins are still sorting out what will ultimately remain on the free side of the paywall. There were underaged-content problems in both versions of Chili's site, and there was some question about whether it could be edited out without collapsing the whole gallery, so I'm not sure where the management stands on that. I'll try to get some info for you.

Nim, Chili's site was intentionally done in "food colors". It seemed like a cool idea at the time.  ;D ???
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Re: A Cup of Chili Ultra
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any update on this??
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Re: A Cup of Chili Ultra
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