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A SarCas BBQ Birthday Party
« on: April 05, 2016, 12:22:27 AM »
A SarCas BBQ Birthday Party

Starring Sarenna Lee and Casey James

Chapter One

On a dusk, warm day in North Florida, a man is driving home after a long day at work, the car radio playing jazz music. He had been recently divorced by his ex-wife after she fell in love with another guy. The settlement was mutual and there was a prenup. She received one-third of their possessions and moved with her new lover to New York. His birthday was tomorrow and some of his co-workers celebrated early with cake and coffee. They invited him to go dancing, but told them he didn't feel like going out late tonight. He just wanted to go home, grab a beer, and just unwind.

He pulled up to his two-bedroom house and got out of the car. While approaching the front doorstep, he could smell something coming from his backyard. The smell of brisket, hamburgers, hot dogs, ribs, and BBQ sauce. He thought, "Did someone break into my house?"

He went into the house and took hold of his cell phone, proceeded forward to the backyard where to his surprise, there were two sexy ladies having a BBQ. They both had on skimpy tank tops, the blonde had on white and the brunette was wearing red, and Daisy Duke-like shorts, which showed off their voluptuous curves. Both girls had a massive pair of breasts, at least an H-cup, and a well-toned butt. It took a moment to memorize that it was his long time "bosom" buddies Sarenna Lee and Casey James. The girls soon noticed the guy and squealed in delight.

"Happy Birthday, Johnny!!!" The two busty girls screamed as they ran towards him, enveloping him in a three-way hug, their huge breasts pressing against him, planting him lipstick-covered kisses all over his face. Johnny was overjoyed at the sight of the two busty women hugging him. He held them close, his arms around their slim waists. They were like this for about a minute before finally breaking apart.

"You didn't think we forget," Casey spoke up.

"Forget what?" Johnny said.

"Your first birthday as a divorcee!" Sarenna said, "You're no longer tied up to that floozy anymore."

"To be fair, we hated that girl. She was way out of your league, and a total cheat," Casey said.

Johnny's ex-wife Jean was an attractive redhead, though she was far from stacked, to which he didn't care. They fell in love after their third date, and got married about three years later. The passion soon lagged, and for a period of time they were separated. It was just months ago when he came back home after a business trip when he was told she was filing for divorce and that she was seeing another man. The divorce process was quick and everything was finaled, but Johnny was deeply hurt by the news and was despondent for days. He somewhat recovered socially, but the pain was still there.

"Well, we only been divorced for about three weeks, I'm still getting over her," Johnny replied.

"Still, come on! She was living a double life! And admit it, you both lacked the passion! She'd probably don't remember you anymore!" Casey exclaimed loudly, then soften her tone as he clung to one of his arms. "Besides, you deserve better."

"Someone whom you desired a long time ago," Sarenna said, clinging to his other arm, "It's time to celebrate. You're single now."

"Which means you're gonna get a birthday party you've always dreamed of," Casey said.

Johnny did felt betrayed by Jean's infidelity, but maybe, just maybe, it could take two big boobed glamour models to help him get over her. He was awed at the sight of the two girls clutching his arms.

"I missed you both so much," He told the two girls, "Come here. I need another hug."

The two ladies obliged and both hugged him tightly. However the three broke apart when the girls realized there was smoke coming from the grill.

"Okay that's enough cuddling for now, Mister," Casey said, "There'll be a lot more time for that. But right now, go change into something comfortable while we finish with the food."

"I can't believe it! We're gonna have so much fun!" Sarenna gushed in delight.

Johnny ran up to his house to go change. He thought that today would be his lucky day.
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Re: A SarCas BBQ Birthday Party
« Reply #1 on: April 09, 2016, 10:44:49 PM »
Johnny has been close friends with both girls since meeting them about 15 years ago at a gentlemen's club. They were being featured alongside other big boobed models Busty Dusty, Donita Dunes, and Tiffany Towers. He managed to get a private dance with all five girls and had a chat with them afterwards. All the girls were sweet in their own way, but he had a stronger connection with Sarenna and Casey.

He saw them months later on the Boob Cruise, where he first hugged Casey and Sarenna. Johnny had a blast hanging out with the slim and stacked models. Sunbathing, swimming naked, shopping, and the best part of all, dancing. On the final night of the cruise, Johnny got a midnight surprise. A fully naked Casey James and Sarenna Lee were sneaking into his cabin. They grabbed him, stripped him of all his clothes, and led him to the bathtub filled with water and bubbles. Johnny and the girls washed each other while they talked about their time at the cruise.

At one point, the two busty ladies gave the lucky guy permission to suck on their titties while they jack him off together. His face was buried between two huge wet pairs of breasts, licking and sucking the nipples and skin all while Casey and Sarenna jerked off his cock with their hands. A part of him wanted to fuck their brains out, but in honesty he wanted to be a gentleman and respect their bodies. He reached his climax, shooting his load. The girls awarded him with a three-way kiss, the girls' tounges dancing with his. This was the farthest he had even gone with the two.

Afterwards they stepped towards the shower to wash off the cum. Before leaving back to their cabins, Casey and Sarenna exchanged addresses and phone numbers with Johnny in order to stay in touch. He then gave the girls each, from his suitcase, an oversized t-shirt and a pair of shorts for them to put on while sneaking back to their cabins, and also for them to remember him by. Sarenna got a bit teary-eyed while Casey simply smiled. The two busty ladies wrapped their arms around him, giving him a kiss on the cheeks, and telling him "we'll miss you."

Since then, he wrote to them, and received letters from them as well, telling him about their adventures in touring, modeling, and seldomly, sex. The girls also sent him candid photos of them. He saw them seperately a few more times at strip clubs and conventions, but not together. They lost touch for a while when the girls took a break from modeling, and Johnny got engaged to Jean.

Just a few months ago, while on a business trip in Los Angeles, he reunited with the busty duo at Glamourcon where they were promoting their new production company, SarCas Productions. Later that night, they had dinner together at a steakhouse restaurant. Sarenna has since been divorced with two daughters, and Casey had become an animal activist. Johnny told them about his marital problems and how they're trying to work out. The three managed to keep in touch via social media.

Now, they were at his home, having a BBQ party. Johnny came back, now wearing a baby blue polo shirt and khaki shorts.

"You're just in time," Casey said, "You must be starving."

The three went to serve themselves; Johnny got a few ribs, a cheeseburger, and some potato salad, Sarenna got some brisket, ribs, and coleslaw, and Casey had got two cheeseburgers, smoked turkey, and some salad. Each got a beer to drink.

"I hear you work for a media company," Sarenna noted.

"Yeah they sometimes have me and some other co-workers fly to their headquarters in Los Angeles for business projects," Johnny said.

"Sounds exciting," Sarenna noted.

"Well, not really. We don't usually get much free time for ourselves," Johnny stated, "We were lucky to get a field day to explore much of the city." The three were playing footsie under the table when Johnny's dog suddenly showed up.

"Hey, you didn't tell us you had a dog," Casey said, noting the dog.

"Oh, yeah. He's a great dane, his name is Davis."

"Ohh, how cute!" Sarenna exclaimed. Casey had the dog's head placed on her lap. Johnny complimented on the food the girls made.

"Wow! This food is amazing. I have no idea you could pull it all off."

"Well you have to give props to Casey, it was her idea," Sarenna noted.

"And that you left the backyard door unlocked," Casey added.

"Oh, did I?" Johnny stated, "It's hardly been used. My ex and I don't really have parties out here."

"It's a shame," Casey stated, "You have a nice backyard with a pool and patio. You could hold a lot of parties."

"Just make sure we're invited," Sarenna added, the three of them laughed.

"But almost everyone would be staring at your bodies," Johnny noted.

"We don't mind the attention, do we?" Sarenna asked Casey, to which she responded with a smirk. They continued to talk, letting their food digest. The warm, balmy air prompted a suggestion from Sarenna.

"Why don't we take this party to the swimming pool?"

"That sounds fun," Casey nodded.

"Great idea," Johnny agreed, getting up from his chair.

Casey stopped him, "Where do you thing you're going?"

"To get my swim trunks. What else?"

"Who said anything about wearing swimsuits?" Sarenna leared.

"Excuse me?"
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Re: A SarCas BBQ Birthday Party
« Reply #2 on: April 10, 2016, 10:32:14 AM »
Great work so far!  And great choice of models too.  Bravo !!   :)



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Re: A SarCas BBQ Birthday Party
« Reply #3 on: May 03, 2016, 02:53:09 AM »
Chapter Three

The two ladies got up and began to dance seductively.

"Just sit back and enjoy our little strip show," Casey told him as she began to unzip her shorts, pulling them off to reveal her bare pussy. Her friend Sarenna followed suit and pulled off her shorts, also leaving her bottomless. The two busty girls turned their backs to him and lightly swayed their firm asses back and forth, Sarenna slapping Casey's left buttcheek and Casey slapping Sarenna's right buttcheek. This definitely made Johnny hard.

"Take off your shirt," Casey told him to which he stammered, "Wha? What?"

"We want to see you fully naked first," Sarenna noted.

Johnny takes off his polo shirt and throws it on the lounger. The two girls were in awe of his slim body.

"Wow," Sarenna said, "you really did kept in shape for us!"

"Now pull off your shorts," Casey demanded.

"And your underwear," Sarenna added and then smeared, "If you're wearing any."

He undid his khaki shorts and pulled them off, then he pulled off his boxer briefs, tossing them aside. Johnny was now standing naked in front of the two busty women, who are only wearing their tank tops.

"Looks like someone is excited to see us," Sarenna noted Johnny's stiff cock.

"Now it's time for us to finish getting naked!" Casey said as she moved behind Sarenna, grabbed her white tank top and tore it off from the middle, revealing the blonde's 34HH breasts. Sarenna moved behind Casey and ripped her red tank top apart, the brunette's 59JJ bust now revealed in all its glory.

"You like?" Sarenna asked him, the two twirling around showing off their naked bodies, their huge tits, firm asses, trimmed pussies, and toned legs and thighs on display.

"I..I love," Johnny stuttered at the sight of two stark naked busty beauties. This is the first time he seen them fully nude in person in years.

Both busty girls lended a hand to him. He took both hands and they lead him to the swimming pool, settling in on the shallow end. Johnny places his arms around Sarenna's and Casey's shoulders, the girls responding by pressing their curvy bodies against his, leaning their heads on his shoulders. He was aroused and amazed at the sight of the two naked busty beauties before him.

"Look at the stars, it's so beautiful out here," Sarenna noted.

"Just not as beautiful as you two," Johnny added.

"Aw, stop!" Casey replied with a slap on his chest.

"No, really!" he told them, "You two have true beauty, inside and out. And I'm not just saying that just to flatter you."

"Have you ever thought of fucking us?"

"Umm..," he stuttered, afraid of what to say to them, "Uhhh...I...I..." He tried to say something without offending them.

"Relax," Casey assured him before taking a deep breath, "We thought of fucking you too." Johnny's eyes widened to the shock of her response. Casey and Sarenna leaned in closer to him.

"Really? Both of you?" he told the girls, looking back and forth between them.

"You've not just been a huge fan of both of us," Sarenna tells him, "You've been the most loyal friend we could ever asked for. And we've always cared about you."

"So now it's about time we return the favor," Casey added before leaning in and pressing her lips onto his in a passionate liplock. Sarenna began kissing and licking his neck and earlobs. The girls then switch with Sarenna making out with Johnny and Casey kissing his neck. While alternating between kisses, he reached a hand down on each side and grabbed a wet tit in each hand. Sarenna's HH-cup in the left and Casey's JJ-cup in the right, squeezing the titflesh and stroking their stiff nipples.

Sarenna and Casey raised themselves up with their tits leveling his head. The two girls sandwiched his head and face between their large boobs, at the same time running their hands all over his blonde hair.

"Make out with our titties!" Sarenna told him as he kissed and licked the titflesh and sucked on their nipples, making them giggle. He lowered his hands from their backs to their firm asses, cupping them and giving the asscheeks a squeeze, causing them to push their titties harder against his face. After a while, the girls pulled away giving him some air.

"I was thinking that we should warm up before the real fun begins," Casey suggested.

"Would you like to see us kiss?" Sarenna asked.

His heart was pounding and he allowed them to kiss. Casey and Sarenna leaned closer and engaged in a heated makeout session. The girls' lips and tounges mashing against one another. Each of them lowered a hand onto his erection, stroking it gently. After a while, Casey beckoned Johnny to join in their kiss. He leaned forward and locked his lips onto theirs, the trio embracing in a three-way makeout session with his tounge probing onto theirs, all while the girls continued to stroke his cock. He felt like he was back on the Boob Cruise again.

The three finally broke apart, each catching their breath. Casey and Sarenna lowered their mouths down, giving sweet kisses on his chest and torso, before reaching the groin. Casey began sucking his cock while Sarenna is nibbling his balls. The two trade back and forth on his cock and balls.

Casey straddled onto his lap, her huge tits facing him and his cock now rubbing her wet pussy. Sarenna got a hold of his cock and manages to slide it down into the brunette's pussy. Casey began rocking her hips as she rode his cock hard.

"Yes. Yes. That's it baby, fuck me!" Casey moaned, squeezing her tits together while fucking Johnny. Sarenna, getting turned on by the scene, was rubbing her clit underwater with one hand while squeezing her left tit.

The blonde leaned towards Johnny. "Wanna suck on these, sweetie?" she asked, offering her boob to him. He respond by using his left arm to grab her waist, pulling her close to him, and burying his head on her huge boobs. He was kissing and licking the titflesh on her before moving to suck on her nipples. The busty blonde put her arm around his head to keep his face on her tits and stroke his hair.

"Suckle her titties, Johnny baby!" Casey encouraged, still riding his cock with her boobs bouncing up and down, "Suck Sarenna's titties for me! She needs it. You deserve it."

He was enjoying the scene of his face buried inbetween Sarenna Lee's boobs while his cock is pounding Casey James' pussy.

"Oh yes! Yes! I'm cumming! I'm cumming, Johnny! I'm gonna cum on your huge cock!!!" She yelled trembling into orgasm, spasming her pussy juice onto his cock. She leaned to kiss him passionately.

"Your turn, Sarenna," Casey panted, climbing off Johnny. Sarenna took over, his dick entering her pussy, the two now going at it together. Sarenna riding the guy cowgirl style while Casey pressed her tits onto his face, letting him kiss and suck the nipples and titflesh he so desire for a long time.

"Wow, you really are a boob man!" Casey told him while holding his head onto her large chest and planting a kiss on top of his head. Sarenna felt his pussy start to spasm as she creamed on his cock.

"He's still hard!" Sarenna exclaimed before dismounting Johnny.

"You two swim towards the edge of the pool and grab onto the deck," he told the girl as them swam to the other side of the pool. They grab hold on the pooldeck, bending their asses over. Johnny took a moment to admire the firmness of their asses, caressing and squeezing each buttcheek.

"I thought you were a boob man," Casey said jokingly. He responded by giving a kiss on their asscheeks, earning a giggle from them.

"I'm sorry," Johnny said to them, "You both have such glorious asses!"

"Aw, thank you. You're such a sweetheart," Sarenna said, "Now stop teasing and fuck us already!"

He got behind Casey first and entered her pussy from behind, to which Casey yelped.

"Fuck yeah! I love doggy style!" the busty brunette moaned as her pussy was being filled by the cock. Not wanting Sarenna to feel left out, Johnny placed a hand on her pussy and started finger-fucking her.

"Finger-fuck me, motherfucker!" Sarenna yelled, her pussy spasming as it was being fingered. After a while, he pulled out of Casey and entered Sarenna from behind, while he began fingering Casey.

"Yes! I love your cock!" Sarenna moaned, as her pussy is once again being filled by his cock.

Johnny pulled them close with his arms around their waists, their backs against his chest, still pussyfucking Sarenna while fingering Casey. Their large boobs bouncing with each thrust.

"I'm gonna cum soon!" he yelled, holding the girls close.

"Hop on the deck so we can titfuck you!" Casey moaned. Johnny pulled himself up and sat on the pooldeck, his cock still standing tall.

"Cum on our titties!" Sarenna said huskily as both girls situated themselves onto each side of his cock, placing their tits together they leaned in towards his dick, sandwiching it.

"Oh shit!" he groaned as his dick was getting titfucked by two of the most famous big bust girls around.

"Oh, baby! Baby! Please keep fucking our titties!" Sarenna yelled.

"Yes! Please! Your cock feels so fucking good between our big, giant fucking titties!" Casey said seductively as the girls continued to masturbate his cock with their huge jugs for several more minutes.

"I'm cumming!" Johnny yelled as he felt his balls tighten and then released a huge load of jizz onto their tits, faces, and hair. The three washed off the cum in the pool before exiting to the lounge chairs. He then brought their faces to his for a three-way kiss. His lips and tounge ravising against theirs.

"Thanks for cumming... on our titties," Sarenna said to him which earned a laugh from Johnny and Casey.

"Girls, I am having a lot of fun right now but I need to rest for a bit before we can continue if that's alright with you?" he told the girls before kissing them again, this time separately.

"No problem," Casey replied before turning to Sarenna, "Hey why don't we have some fun, just the two of us?"

He laid himself down on one of the lounge chairs to rest while the girls grabbed some towels to lay poolside. The two kneeled down where they made out for a while before Sarenna has Casey spread her legs where she begins tounging her pussy. Casey then has Sarenna's legs spread open where she rubs her pussy with her left nipple.

Casey gets on top of her girlfriend and the two entwined themselves in a 69 position fingering and licking each other to oblivion. Seeing this, Johnny felt his cock harden again, wanting to stroke it himself but realizes he has a better idea. Sarenna and Casey disengaged from their 69 and saw Johnny's cock was hard.

"Look, Casey, our lezzie lovemaking made him hard again!" Sarenna said, mocking her guilt.

"We're sorry, baby. Anything we can make it up to you?" Casey asked him.

"I dunno," He told them, "Maybe have it sandwiched between your pussies in a scissor position?" His response earned a gleeful scream from the two.

Johnny walked over to the busty duo and laid himself down on the floor. The girls interlocked their legs together in a scissor position above his pelvis, they pushed their pussies against his hard cock, grinding it together.

"His cock feels so fucking good between our pussies!" Sarenna exclaimed as she rubbed his cunt up and down his pole.

"Mmm.. I'm already getting hot just watching our pussies tribbing his cock!" Casey moaned.

"Yes. Yes. Trib my cock!" He panted at the two who are sliding their hot wet pussies up and down his cock. Sarenna and Casey were starting to make a sweat and were humping the guy's cock even harder.

"Fuck us! Fuck us! Fuck us!" the two ladies were chanting as they started to cum on his cock, screaming and moaning in the process, he can feel their juices on both sides of his shaft.

Johnny raises his head to catch a sight of cock being sandwiched by the wet pussies of two extremely busty women.

"He seems to be enjoying this," Sarenna said huskily, which earned a laugh from Casey. Johnny grabbed a hold of each girls' giant tit and squeezed them firmly, making the girls hornier and speeding the humping of his cock.

"I'm gonna unload!" He moaned, the sight and feeling becoming too much.

"Ohhh! Yes! Cum for us, sweetie!" Casey yelled.

"Yes! Yes! Cum on our pussies!!!" Sarenna screamed loudly.

The three shared a loud, earth-shattering orgasm as Johnny's cock erupted like a volcano. His seed splattering the girls' pussies, abdomen, and thighs before it leaked down his shaft as the girls continued humping his dick slowly for several more minutes.

"Thank you for giving me the best birthday bash I could ever ask for!" Johnny told the two busty ladies before blurting out the words that would either solidify or ruin a threesome, "I love you both so much!"

"We love you too, Johnny!" Sarenna and Casey said to him in unison. The three got up on their feet and embraced each other lovingly, sharing another three-way kiss. "More than anything in the world," Sarenna added in-between kisses.

The trio walked hand in hand back inside heading straight for the shower. Johnny turned on the shower and had the two girls rinse themselves first before he can get under the shower. Casey squirted some body wash onto her breasts to make them soapy before doing the same thing to Sarenna's breasts. The girls rubbed their soapy tits onto each other's bodies, cleaning off the sweat and jizz. Afterwards, the girls put more body wash onto their tits and rubbed them all over Johnny's body. He enjoyed getting washed by both girl's huge tits.

Once they got all clean and rinsed off, the three went over to his bedroom where Sarenna and Casey jumped onto the bed first where they got themselves situated with a busty girl each side with room in the middle. He slid into bed and laid between the girls, placing his arms around them and pulling them close. Both girls kissed his cheeks before snuggling onto his sides, placing an arm around his chest and laid their heads on his shoulders. They each place a leg around his and pressed their pussies onto their thighs. Their large round breasts pressing against him on each side.

"Sweet dreams, our friend," Casey said to him softly, "the party has only begun." The three drifted to **82** in a loving embrace.
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Re: A SarCas BBQ Birthday Party
« Reply #4 on: May 10, 2016, 06:21:09 AM »
SaRenna took a peek and mention your story on twitter!
Remember, life is too short to actually get annoyed about what someone you donít know, donít care about, and donít like thinks about you and what you enjoy doing.



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Re: A SarCas BBQ Birthday Party
« Reply #5 on: May 10, 2016, 01:14:52 PM »
SaRenna took a peek and mention your story on twitter!


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Re: A SarCas BBQ Birthday Party
« Reply #6 on: November 29, 2016, 10:45:19 PM »
The next chapter is coming up!
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Re: A SarCas BBQ Birthday Party
« Reply #7 on: November 30, 2016, 11:22:55 AM »
SaRenna took a peek and mention your story on twitter!
I LOL'd at this.  And also congrats for getting the attention of a legend!!