Sighting in Miami years ago, best ever
« on: August 18, 2016, 07:49:25 AM »
So I'm pretty sure I saw this woman

At a hospital that I worked at years ago.  She was majestic.  Perfect.  So I only saw her a couple of times one day.  First the walked accros the main lobby.  I'll never forget it: she was wearing a hot tight knee lenghth skirt and a tight top that made her tits look like two softballs sitting on her chest.  Her ass was amazing.  Huge, but perfectly shaped, and waspy.  She had the perfect figure.  Her face was pretty, very latin, girl-next-doorish.  As she walked right in front of me, she had this grin on her face: mouth wide open, and smiling, eyes wide.  She knew that she was sexy.  She must have been turned on by all the attention. 

I saw her later in the cafeteiria.  She had her hair down this time, and walked around like a playboy model.  I got up and peeked around the corner at her, and she saw me, and then I sat down.  She came out and got her plasticwear, and right in front of of was wigglig her ass as she stood there getting a plastic for and knife.  Then she left and I never saw her again.  It was a privalage to see her.