Critique requested
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Hey guys,

AF here. Just curious if some of our more experienced resident morphers would be willing to chime in and give me a little feedback or tips on this morph. (It's a side by side to show the original and the morph)

It's my second attempt at a proper breast morph, and though I feel like it went well, I don't think it went as well as it could have.

I used a basic donor image, used selective coloring to match the skin tones as best I could. Used multiple layers of Gwen and cut out the skin where the cleavage was. Once that was done I pasted the cutout over top of the donor image, resized the cleavage to my liking and merged the images to start blending them.

I then cut out the breasts, made a new layer and enlarged them a bit more, using the Warp transform tool to line up the neckline of the shirt. After this, I jumped into the Liquify tool to try and give them a little more volume.

Once complete, I used the blur and smudge tools (I feel like I rely on this too much) to blend any hard edges that remained.

So I'm curious to hear any suggestions, tutorials, or feedback I can get as I'm really trying to improve but am starting to feel like I'm making decent morphs by luck and not so much by skill.

Thanks for your time.

Re: Critique requested
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Not bad.


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Re: Critique requested
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First thought was that you've gone too heavy with the blur, namely in the cleavage line (dark shadow between the breasts).

The shadows and highlights on the breasts (both covered and exposed) need to be enhanced.  As breasts (or any other curvaceous body part) get bigger, shadows will get darker and bigger but they'll also catch more light.  So in this case the top of the cleavage would be a little lighter and cover a larger area and the underboob would be casting a larger, darker shadow on her dress (and skin).  For reference Look at how spheres capture light, while breasts aren't perfectly spherical they are rounded and so respond similarly to light and shadow.

Great job on matching the skin tones, I see nothing wrong in this department.

There's a bit of fuzzyness on the right (as you look at the image) where her collar bone meets the dress, presumably where you patched old and new, just needs a little more attention to detail and again, ease off the blur.

For a second attempt this is great work, just needs a few tweaks.  One thing I would suggest you change is to firstly use layers (if you're not already) and secondly use layer masks, it'll help with fixing clothing lines and other niggles without being "destructive" to the image meaning you can always go back and fix any mistakes later.  Instead of using the blur tool, maybe look into using the gaussian blur (I'm assuming you're using Photoshop) and smart objects for a more even smoothing out of colours and better control of the blur.

Feel free to drop me a line if you have any more questions.