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Holiday sightings
« on: September 12, 2016, 10:35:25 PM »
So, me and the family recently went to Fuengirola, Spain. On the plane there I saw two crackers. The first was a stunning blonde in a grey dress showiung a nice amount of cleavage. My father-in-law hit the jackpot. She was sitting next to him the whole flight.

The other girl was pregnant and had on this nice black and white striped top. No cleavage on display, but she had a fine set on her. She was sitting in front of me, cute and brown-haired with a lovely set of sweater puppies. I think that when they fill with milk, her boyfriend will be an EXTREMELY lucky guy.

In both cases, the boyfriends were punching WELL above their weight.

One night we went to a restaurant on the beach for a meal and there was an attractive woman in a peach bikini sporting a fine pair.

Lastly, on a trip to a Buddhist temple nearby, there was a tourist in shorts and a fairly tight black T-Shirt who had a nice 'more-than-a-handful' pair on her. Very nice indeed.

On the flight home, I also saw the pregnant woman again, this time stretching out a grey tank-top. Looking rather like Lena Headey, but with MUCH bigger boobs.

All in all, a very nice trip!