BA after HT
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Hi everyone, I am a mother of two children. My son is 4 years old and my daughter is 2 years old. As a part of breastfeeding continuously for the last 3 years, my breasts are sagging and they lost all the shape they had :(. So I am planning to do a breast augmentation surgery. I have done a hair transplantation for my thinning hair 3 months ago. So how many months should I wait for my breast augmentation? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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Re: BA after HT
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Always move forward the end goal that is the Juggernaut way



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Re: BA after HT
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You need to consult with a physician, not with us. No one here has a detailed medical history of you and all individuals wishing to do surgery have different needs. Ask a Doctor. Good luck and go huge. 😂



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Re: BA after HT
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You don't necessarily need to do a breast augmentation; instead you can do something called a "breast lift", wherein teh surgeon pulls the skin and ligaments of the breast higher up onto the chest. It doesn't require putting anything foreign in your body, and may well give you back your pre-maternity figure, at least breasts-wise.
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Re: BA after HT
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Be skeptical of any doctor who recommends hair transplants for women because transplants work best for male pattern baldness and not very well or at all for overall thinning.  It's better to try something more conservative first, such as minoxidil spray or ointment, but don't give up on it for at least six months of continuous use because it may do absolutely nothing until then.