Unhappy with my boobs
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I'm really unhappy with my boobs as they are really small and unattractive. I'm planning to undergo breast augmentation surgery. Prior to the consultation I would like to know more about this surgery. I don't know much about this, none of my friends or relatives had done this. I was searching online for the tips that makes the boobs look bigger and then I saw about augmentation surgery. So I thought of giving it a shot. I would be grateful if any experienced ones could share more details about it. Is there any other pre or post recovery tips that helped you to have better results? Please do pray for me!!
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Re: Unhappy with my boobs
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ok this looks like spam and like you are trying to get people to click on a link that's going to give them a virus
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Re: Unhappy with my boobs
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Starting to wonder what's with the spate of Toronto-specific (and surrounding region) spam.