Me and a partner is considering the idea of having a card game with interesting mechanics and a deep lore behind it, since we both like CCG/TCG games alot and allso would like to try and make such a game together. There are however alot of fun games such as Lollipop Chainsaw with some mild erotic theme even if the game isnt centered about sex now have any nudity in it. There are ofcourse games that just have sexy artwork implemented in them just to lure people into playing the game. But this idea is mostly to have a game with female characters that have pinup figures to the extreme! As in they have more curves then Jessica Rabbit and Holli Would. Since there arent that many games with this sort of art that isnt sex based, and we have this idea for a card game that we both think stand out from most card games out there, not to mention the lore which surround these woman in a fashion the players can get behind, rather then to just make up weird facts for why you play the game, you like to see good stuff while playing a good game!

So my question is... are you interested in seing a ccg game made that has very sexy art in it, or would you consider playing a free to play ccg with in game purchases  if it was good enough despite the theme of the game?

Re: Interest in a free to play CCG with focus on extremely curvy bodies.
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All comments of critique are of interest since we want to collect more data and see what the interest and thoughts of people are in such a game!