Boobpire Resurrection III
« on: December 28, 2016, 05:59:20 PM »

An unnatural quietness fills the fashion show as onlookers watch in a shocked silence, broken only by the moans from the zombie model.  The well endowed zombie model continues to stroke and suck on the fashion show hostís hard penis to get him nice and hard for the coming sex.  Suddenly the audience hears more moans, but itís not the zombie model whose making noise.  The noise is coming from behind the stage, where the dressing room is located.  Suddenly a mass of newly made zombie models burst out from the dressing room and tumble on to the stage.  Before the audience can even react, they find themselves swarmed by a sea of dangerously lustful zombies.  Normal zombies only want brains, brains, and more brains, but boobpire zombies are not normal zombies.  All boobpire zombies want is sex, sex, and more sex. How well the audience survive this night of the undead zombie sluts?  How will April react, or take advantage, of the chaos orgy she has created?

Boobpire returns after a long hiatus. The Boobpire story was originally going to be a one-shot story, but reader demand turned Boobpire into a full fledged series.  The story also includes sexual situations based vampire erotica.  Vampires in popular culture are seen as sexy monsters, as opposed to something like Frankensteinís monster.  Bo Saget thought that breast expansion will be a perfect twist to throw into the vampire formula we have all come to know. Boobpires have similar qualities to vampires, but the have some differences besides the giant breasts.  Boobpireís strengths and weaknesses will be explored further a the story progresses amongst the erotic vampire chaos.

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