I've always loved huge boobs. It's not something my wife and I have ever talked much about. I was thinking a good way to trigger a conversation could be to 'happen' to be watching a(n ideally good) movie or a TV show featuring a character with huge boobs.

I know my wife well. She'll make a comment, maybe asking whether anyone finds truly huge boobs sexy...

There's an episode of the BBC show 'Jonathan Creek' that features a fictional porn star with Wendy Whoppers-style boobs...

There's 'Zoom' too.

'A Dirty Shame' springs to mind.

Anything else?



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The best way to do it is to find a tv show you both like and find episode where one of the female characters contemplates implants or wears fake boobs.

If you like American TV shows there are episodes in almost every classic show that come to mind.

Stay away from Wendy Whoppers level of boob appearances..because in MY opinion the extreme cartoonish stuff will make your wife not take the convo seriously. The episodes where women contemplate implants probably strike a nerve with her.




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If you don't mind me asking, what exactly are you trying to achieve with that conversation? I take it your wife doesn't have really big boobs (or what we call big here) because if she did, you would've told her about your fetish a long time ago and you wouldn't have to trigger the conversation years after you met her for the first time.

I ask you this because I've learnt to be cautious with this subject the hard way. Let me give you a personal example:

My wife knows a bit about my fetish. It's something that randomly shows up between laughs in nights out with friends and things like that. She doesn't know the size I consider to be perfect or the fact that I prefer "natural" looking fakes (not bolt-ons). She wouldn't talk about it in a serious way because she doesn't like being a small B cup, but also there's no way she'd consider getting implants. She told me a couple of times and I don't want to push it any further. The first and only time she considered it in a very subtle and vague way, my heart started racing and I failed miserably at supporting her and her natural size (something expected from a loving husband), she got mad and I learnt to keep my fetishes for me.

I know some of you will have different stories with wives or girlfriends who actually get implants both for them and for you to enjoy, but this is the way it's been for me. Boobs have always been a status meter for women. Bustier women get more attention from everyone and less busty or plain flat ones feel, for the lack of a better word, "handicapped" because they don't have that natural power over men, so they feel bad, angry or overly defensive when the subject comes up.

That's why I'd be cautious about it. It's a tricky subject and, if handled poorly, can make your wife think you don't find her attractive, that you're looking for bustier women elsewhere, that you want her to get a boobjob even if she doesn't like the idea... things like that.



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Hi theotherme2

My girlfriend always talks titty after we watch MAD MEN and there is any scene with Christina Hendricks as secretary Joan Holloway.  Christina exuded titty.



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AMC's Mad Men

CBS's Two Broke Girls
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Welcome back, Zookie007 !  :)

Thanks everyone for replying. I'm sorry I've been away.

So we had The Talk. It went well.

A bit of back story: I didn't want to steer my wife towards getting implants. I just wanted her to realise that some people who aren't insane might find them sexy. She's a warm-hearted, open-minded person, but for some reason she's always rolled her eyes at big fake boobs. She watches a lot of reality TV, so she sees them a lot - The Kardashians, TOWIE, etc. She'd always have something to say and I just didn't appreciate it. I felt attacked. And I realised how dumb it was to feel attacked if we'd never talked about it.

So we watched some TOWIE and when she said 'Does anyone find boobs that big attractive?', I said yes. And she said, 'But there's got to be a limit, right?' and I said 'not really'. And we laughed and we talked and it was done, and I feel better now.

Funny how these things can linger.
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Good to know it was way more simple than I thought. Great to see it turned out well.