I've always loved huge boobs. It's not something my wife and I have ever talked much about. I was thinking a good way to trigger a conversation could be to 'happen' to be watching a(n ideally good) movie or a TV show featuring a character with huge boobs.

I know my wife well. She'll make a comment, maybe asking whether anyone finds truly huge boobs sexy...

There's an episode of the BBC show 'Jonathan Creek' that features a fictional porn star with Wendy Whoppers-style boobs...

There's 'Zoom' too.

'A Dirty Shame' springs to mind.

Anything else?



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The best way to do it is to find a tv show you both like and find episode where one of the female characters contemplates implants or wears fake boobs.

If you like American TV shows there are episodes in almost every classic show that come to mind.

Stay away from Wendy Whoppers level of boob appearances..because in MY opinion the extreme cartoonish stuff will make your wife not take the convo seriously. The episodes where women contemplate implants probably strike a nerve with her.