Looking for an addventure thread?
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Hi there, not sure if this is the right place, but I'm looking for a thread I saw on the Addventure a while back? As far as I recall, it involved Jim, Rick, Sharon and eventually Edith taking turns to transform each other with a BE gun. If anyone knows what the hell I'm on about, would they be so kind as to post a link? Cheers.



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Re: Looking for an addventure thread?
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As a contributor to that thread, assuming that you mean the one I'm thinking of, I remember it well. I had an awful lot of fun with it. For tracking down story-lines, I find Adam's Addventure Index invaluable, which is linked to from the top of the Recent Episodes page. The Storyline Roots Listed in Tree Form section is especially useful. Looking there, the bit of the story that you're thinking of begins at 921805, though there's an awful lot of stuff involving the BE gun even before that point. Because of all the side branches, I'd suggest either working backwards from 921805, or else using the facility in Addventure Stats and Utilities (again linked at the top of the Recent Episodes page) to display a complete backstory ending at the episode number that you specify.

If you feel like adding to the story, you'd be most welcome. 1036992 might be a good jumping-off point, as there's some unfinished business. (It might be worth reading the comments on that episode first.)
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