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Thanx man. do you have a mic? (we might be able to add depth to the game with voice.)and i'll get on the skills right away theyre in the players guide right?

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Oh!! and log onto aim i want to see if this works ok my aim name is Splicer72479. And is that with the assimar's racial bonuses? And on skills would i treat it like a human?

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well i do have a mic yes and ill be leaving shortly for my weekly d&d. ill be on about 1230pm central time tomarrow if you want we can talk then. lets see well that is with the racial bonus' i forget if they get any skill bonus' i kinda created him as human and added to it from the book

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10-4 I will start on skills and feats.   Talk to ya Around 12:30 pac standard thats when i get off work tell me if this is good ok

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im on rigt now and will be for awile so just page me when your on

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come on people i know theirs more than two of you that want to play D&D just tell me what you want to be and all and ill create the charecter for you

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All right cause ya ghost in and out of here so much i will post my skills here
    Heal 2 points
    Ride 5 points
    Diplomacy 5 points
    Search 3 points
    Spot 3 points
    Swim 1 point
    Disable Device 3 points
    Listen 2 points
Hope this helps

And to all yall out there interested join in the game it'll be fun.  

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i love it you guys start this thing intrested in playing d&d online and then when your given that chance to do so you just become quiet and disapeer from this subject all together. if you truely didnt want to play then what may i ask was the whole point of starting this little area in the first place. Now if your serious about wanting to play d&d like splicer let me know what class you want to be and what race and everything else and ill make up the stuff for it.



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Re: D&D
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Didn't Splicer pass on my e-mail? I had to pull out of this deal because AIM was causing serious havok with my system each time I tried to use it. As in 'I am now a 200-lbs paperweight' kind of havok.

My apologies...

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sok asnt dircecting that at you i heard of the problem its just i dont see the point they wanted to start a d&d game and i give them a dm and now they dont even seem to want anything to do with it



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Re: D&D
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Hey all. So lately I ave been hankering for some D&D fun. The crew I have in town meet VERY infrequently. I get my fix sure but one thing I have been wanting to play around with ...B.E> and other kinks in game. Trouble is my crew, I know, would not enjoy adding those elements. I am intersted to see if anyone would be intersted in an online campaign. If interested please let me know.



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Re: D&D
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BE D&D sounds fun
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Re: D&D
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