Reiko Nude Adventures in 207X
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Hi all,
Maybe I still lack a lot of skills but Im on my way, so now Im drawing this comic series on Tapastic site (manga/anime-ish style), you can read it there, if you like I recommend you subscribe because I publish new page every few days, you dont need to make account, you can log in with **24** account, NSFW content will not show unless you log in, thats another reason to do that.

Well I cant tell for sure how long I will manage to continue the series, it depends on time and money (like many things in life I know), mainly Tapastic is a comic publishing site that "pays" authors by ads being shown or donations, however as we know this requires either a huge lot of people going there or someone interested enough to pay for the continuation, so far I got no money from them and if maybe this goes like that I wont be able to continue the series even though I really want to do that.

There is no breast expansion in the pages published yet but there will be, there is lactation and other interesting fields portrayed, also I try to make it fun and refreshing to read, I hope you like. Post comments and suggestions here or on Tapastic, I will reply earlier on Tapastic site however, sorry for any trouble.




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Re: Reiko Nude Adventures in 207X
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Looks pretty good! Best of luck with it!

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Re: Reiko Nude Adventures in 207X
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Thanks a lot Rtpoe =), I hope I can continue with this series for long time