Boobpire Resurrection #5
« on: May 03, 2017, 09:30:03 PM »

Jenny, the policewoman, opens her eyes to see the zombies being slayed effortlessly by a mysterious woman.  The woman soon introduces herself as Hesing, the boobpire slayer.  Hesing decides to take her leave as Jenny is still trying to make sense the crazy events that just transpired.  Jenny stops Hesing, she begs her to help her avenge her fallen squad.  Hesing, seeing resolve in Jenny’s eyes, agrees to help her.  Meanwhile back in April’s lair, the two boobpires finish a night of passion.  April realizes that she is much weaker than she thought, and needs to feed as soon as possible.  April ushers Olivia to help her weak body up.  Olivia refuses her creator.  April, now betrayed, is left to starve as Olivia goes to feast the contestants of a nearby fashion event….

Boobpire returns after a long hiatus. The Boobpire story was originally going to be a one-shot story, but reader demand turned Boobpire into a full fledged series.  The story also includes sexual situations based vampire erotica.  Vampires in popular culture are seen as sexy monsters, as opposed to something like Frankenstein’s monster.  Bo Saget thought that breast expansion will be a perfect twist to throw into the vampire formula we have all come to know. Boobpires have similar qualities to vampires, but the have some differences besides the giant breasts.  Boobpire’s strengths and weaknesses will be explored further a the story progresses amongst the erotic vampire chaos.

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